The Mexican National Team does not give for more, Carlos Hermosillo attacks

Blame only the technician National selectiondue to the problems in the team’s progress during competitions, has always been the simplest.

In these stormy times in the tie heading to Qatar, Carlos HermosilloMexican top scorer in the League and a two-time World Cup player, he asks for an in-depth analysis, not only from the technical director, but from the players and even from the managers. “It’s a whole and it’s not being handled in the best way,” explained the also Telemundo Deportes commentator.

And it is in the analysis of the performance of soccer players where Hermosillo stops with an argument that hurts: “The truth is that we don’t have what we believe. They pass and pass World Cups and it’s always the same. The only different processes were those of [Ricardo] The Volpe Y Miguel [Herrera]who left for something other than football [golpear a un comentarista], but all playoffs are the same. We all demand things and we are not aware that this is what there is, it is enough for us, and we do not accept it”.

From that process The Volpe in Germany 2006, did not go past the round of 16 either; then, for 2010 and 2014 they became complicated again in the tie. In 2018, in RussiaThey also did not advance to the quarterfinals.

The former striker went to two World Cups (Mexico 1986 Y USA 1994), and that is why he dares to say: “On the pitch, and I say this with all due respect, we are the ones who play, and if we do not have the capacity to generate goal opportunities or make the few that we have… Well, it is not the technician”, although it does not take responsibility from Gerardo Martino of the decisions you have made.

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And among those bad choices of the Argentine strategist is not wanting to try other players who may be in a better time to meet the needs of the Selectionbut “we fear change. [La selección de] U.S has an average age of 24, and has players in Europe and everyone plays and lives the replacement. We question, but it is what we have”.

He also asked for more dedication from the footballers: “They must always give 100 percent. It’s not just going to train and that’s it, it’s staying to practice for another hour, like we did for a long time”.

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