Reasons for Mazatlán to give Marco Fabián a second chance

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After almost nine months inactive, Marco Fabian received the opportunity to return to play in the Liga MX First Division; Mazatlan and the technician Beñat San Jose They decided to open the doors for him and the Spanish helmsman revealed to Mediotiempo the reasons why they made that decision criticized by many.

And it is that the canterano of Chivas brings a resume with asterisks due to off-court issues, but the Spanish helmsman is convinced that Marco is willing to commit to reviving his career, so that was one of the reasons that led him to include this element in his team, since Before signing him, Beñat spoke with him.

“We all know about his talent, his quality, he has shown it throughout his career, in the National Team, in Europe, it was the opportunity, the player was without a team, what a club wants most is to hire active players, but in life there are exceptions, in this case it was an exception, for me it was an opportunity, for the player it was an opportunity, because for me the conversation he had with me was fundamental”, said San José.

For the Spanish strategist, the important point to be able to give the opportunity to the also Olympic medalist was the hunger that Fabián had to return, the same that has been seen with the dedication of the player in training.

I saw a focused person, very hungry to transcend again and physically he was in very good condition, a player in optimal conditions, he lacks the rhythm of the game which is normal, with a predisposition to spectacular work, that is what I want from the players, a great predisposition to work, to discipline, to solidarity as a whole, combining that is difficult, if Marco Fabian combined them, it was an opportunity for us, he had six months without competing, but he was still a very talented player”.

Mazatlan, a team that was born in mid-2020 and who hired Beñat San José as his coach a little over six months ago, wants to be an institution that gives opportunities, that seeks challenges and gets Marco Fabián to recover his level, he is one of them; he could even start on Sunday against tigers, in his debut with the Sinaloans in the MX League.

“Mazatlán is distinguishing itself by giving opportunities to those who want a rematch, who want a second chance, who really want it. From the first training session until today, he has shown that on the field, that he wants to come to work with humility, he has adapted very well to the group”, indicated the strategist.

Discard setback in Oswaldo Alanís

After spending two years in the United States Major League Soccer with the San Jose Earthquakes, Oswaldo Alanis He returns to Mexican soccer to wear the Mazatlan shirt and this is far from being a setback in his career. for Beñat it is that the Mexican simply took the opportunity to return to his origins, where there is better soccer than in the MLS.

“It’s not a setback at all, the MLS is a level league, but the Mexican league too, in many aspects more than Liga MX. For me he took an opportunity to return to his country, to return to his origin, to his soccer, he has come to the same thing, with all the willingness to work, to transmit his leadership, his experience, both are great additions,” he said.

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