‘It would be a dream to occupy the place’; Larcamón sees himself as Tri’s coach

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Although the The Mexican team is not living its best moment football after suffering triumph against Panama, It seems that El Tri has plenty of options for the bench and now Nicholas LarcamonPuebla coach has been nominated for take the place in the futurewithout wishing Tata Martino ill.

The critics have arrived wholesale for Tata Martino after they put ‘at risk’ the direct ticket to Qatar 2022that is why many have asked for his departure and for someone else to take his place, where There was even talk of Piojo Herrera.

Larcamón is seen on the Tri bench

Speaking in an interview with ‘TUDN’, today DT of Puebla commented what would be a I dream of being able to lead the Aztec teambecause if they come to consider it, it would be a reward to everything is doing in Liga MX, so he hopes that it can be given.

everything that comes medium and long term It will be a consequence of how connected I am in the present, with the here and now, and in the case of the Mexican team what would be tomorrow one more dream that I have fulfilled, because it is a selection that is always a candidate for great things at an international level; in the future it would be a dream”he mentioned.

Although He is excited to be in command of the Tri, Larcamón knows that today the Tata Martino is the one who leads the process and hope that do very well in Qatar 2022since he is confident that they will qualify, he will accompany them in the World Cup and they will return with good results.

I wish that the Tata process prospers that he reaches the World Cup and that he can do a great world Cupfor me Gerardo is an excellent coach. I wish Tata all the best and I am convinced that they have a very excellent coach who is qualified to take Mexico to the World Cup and have a great World Cup at the end of this year,” he said.

Larcamón reached Liga MX in 2021 to take the reins of Pueblawhere he has not only taken them to the Final phase, but it has captivated thousands of fans who even today ask for it for the Tri.

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