Colombia is crowned champion of the 2022 Caribbean Series

On Friday, January 28, Colombia arrived in Santo Domingo without ever having known a victory in a Caribbean Series. Seven days later, in a story of David against Goliath, the Caimanes de Barranquilla team broke the odds and beat the Dominican Republic 4-1, the host country and with the most titles of the event.

Guided by manager José Mosquera, the ninth went from being a surprise to a reality. Colombia, which is not part of the Caribbean Professional Baseball Confederation and attended as a guest, surprised and silenced the attendees who practically filled the Quisqueya Juan Marichal stadium.

Always aggressive and with good pitching, the Caymans did not change their way of playing and went one on one with the Dominicans.

Elkin Alcalá stopped the most powerful offense of the tournament. With five and a third innings he only allowed four hits and one run, he gave a walk and struck out seven rivals to score the victory. The defeat was charged by Raúl Valdés with a long outing of eight innings, six hits and four runs.

In the second inning, first baseman Reynaldo Rodríguez, the figure of the team, began the attack with an unstoppable hit and reached second on a fly out by Andrés Angulo.. Immediately came a double by Mauricio Ramos, who produced the 1-0 at Rodriguez’s feet, then came Dilson Herrera with another double to push Ramos for 2-0 and Brayan Vuelvas finished the rally driving Dilson for 3-0.

After six hanging rings, the locals broke zero in the sixth episode. Richard Ureña walked and reached second on Siri’s fly ball. Alcalá left the game and in relief Luis Moreno was received by Robinson Canó with a single that sent Ureña home for 3-1. It seemed like an inning to go, but Marcell Ozuna got the third out.

Colombia scored one more in the ninth with Rodríguez reaching base. Valdés was relieved by Jhan Marinez who received a double from Andrés Angulo, Rodríguez ran to third and although Mauricio Ramos came out with a double play, Rodríguez scored the 4-1.

In the relay Juan Díaz and Rodrigo Benoit, the latter with a save, they took care of the last three innings to seal the Colombian victory.


-The only time Colombia was whitewashed in The 2022 Caribbean Series was in the third game of the regular phase when they faced Mexico and lost 1-0, with a great start by Wilmer Ríos.

-The last time a guest country was champion of the Caribbean Series was in 2019 when the Toros de Herrera from Panama were crowned at home.


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