Carlos Tévez returns to football and this will be the club

He said goodbye in a very special way to Boca Juniors, it was believed that it was the end at a professional level, but Tévez’s career continued and his representative delivered a bombshell.

Everything indicated that Carlos Tevez I would not continue playing football professionally, but history seems to have changed. This was confirmed by his representative in dialogue with TyC Sports. “There are very advanced talks about a club,” Held. This institution would be D.C.United.

“Clubs from everywhere have called, but what happens is that they are clubs that Carlos knows he will not go to. He is looking for a mixture of sports with a bit of quality of life, basically. So, it has to be a decision family, where he has to move his family again, which is already installed in Argentina. He goes through there, the decision is not easy. You have to look for the club that meets these conditions and it is not easy”.

“There are very advanced talks with a club. It is a foreign club. Carlos is going to close his career as it deserves. If these two things that I told you are closed – sports and quality of life – you can reach for Carlos to review it a bit in his head, talk about it with his family and maybe he can have a chance to play for a few more months”.

In addition, Ruocco He told what are some of the requirements that Tevez imposes. “One of the conditions that Carlos sets is not to face Boca, not to compete with Boca in any way and in any of the competitions that there may be…DC United is one of the clubs that could be”

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