Ariel Holan rules out leaving León to lead Chile

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Ariel Holan spoke loud and clear: it won’t come out now from Leon to lead Chile. The Argentine coach pointed out in an interview with TUDN that he has received several offers in recent weeks, however, is totally committed to the emerald set, so that plan to meet with the contract which has, which concludes in June.

the strategist confessed that the current champion of Brazil, Atlético mining, also sought to get their services. Holan ruled out joining the Gauls, since he cannot decide whether or not to leave the emerald entity.

“It was also mining some days ago. I have a contract that expires in June and even if I had an offer, I wouldn’t decide that.”, stated in the first instance Holan, who in his first tournament took León to the Final.

I like that institutionally we always make decisions like this, that I would never do a unilateral thing or make a unilateral decision as long as I have the commitment that I have with Jesus and with the club, both father and son, and with the group. So my contract expires in June and that’s another thing, but today for today it only serves for self-esteem“.

Ángel Mena already wants to return to the courts

On the other hand, the strategist spoke of Ángel Mena. The striker suffered a injury in the last match played by the Esmeraldas (against Pachuca) before going to rest for the FIFA Date. The Ecuadorian is eager to return to action, even if Holan knows they have to be careful to avoid a relapse.

Angel doesn’t want to miss any game, wants to play as a place, but us we have to try help him for what take a decision with the medical body, smart. It is a treacherous injury that makes you feel that you are functionally well but that playing football has its restrictions.”

León will face Cruz Azul on February 7

However, it is very likely that the Ecuadorian will not play against his former team, in order to fully recover.

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