At last he understood, the first to leave El Tri, Yon de Luisa shakes the FMF

De Luisa shakes the FMF, the first to leave
De Luisa shakes the FMF, the first to leave

Until he finally understood louis yon that there is nowhere with this project, that it has no head or tail and that it reveals the issue of the lack of work in a project that was thought to be long-term but was not.

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They didn’t wait until the match and it’s no longer in the Tri due to Yon de Luisa’s decision

According to the W Sports report, the first sacrificed after this FIFA date, despite achieving the seven points in dispute is Gerardo Torrado. The national director of Selections would be the one who leaves his position for a clear argument, the lack of pressure on Martino.

Journalist Rubén Rodríguez presented the case, stating that Martino All kinds of privileges and permissions have been given, but this has never been reflected in a real functioning of the Mexican team.

Who could take command?

In the Chain Reaction program, the subject was analyzed and the conclusion was reached that a man with experience in Mexican soccer is needed, so that he can pressure the strategist and a name was put on the table. Ricardo Ferretti.

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