They ask to reactivate consultations in the area of ​​​​specialties and Family Medicine – El Sol de Irapuato

Carmen Mendiola Quintana, representative of the Pensioners and Retirees of the IMSS in Irapuato, said that medical care in the area of ​​​​Specialties and Family Medicine in the city’s clinics continues to be suspended because they have not been reactivated during the health contingency so far. For this reason, he called on the authorities to remove privileges from medical personnel and to take back their salary.

He said that there have been cases in which beneficiaries have been hospitalized for up to a month awaiting surgery, since there have been times when they do not have the necessary material for surgical interventions and because of the lack of surgeons.

“It has been more convenient for them, especially in the medical area, that they be paid their full salary in Social Security but also in the way they attend outside, in the IMSS there are no appointments but they do work in their private offices.”

He pointed out that the IMSS medical personnel receive their full salary during each payment date, however, he said that they are not performing their duties adequately, since medical care for beneficiaries is deficient.

He also said that the IMSS workers’ union protects its staff even above the right to health that each of the rights holders has, a situation that is unfortunate, since each patient makes their economic contributions and receives terrible care. .

He added that it is common for cases that are not treated at the IMSS to be treated by the same clinic doctors but from their private offices.

“It is a serious situation, if the appointments were very long, it was allowed not to work and at the time the yellow traffic light starts where activities would have to be resumed, the staff no longer wants to work.”

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