Summary and races: Mexico 1-2 Dominican Republic for Semifinals of the 2022 Caribbean Series | 02/02/2022

21:10 30 minutes ago

Ninth Sunday, to another final.

21:08 32 minutes ago


Estaban Quiroz is dominated, resulting in the last out of the game; Dominican Republic beats Mexico 2-1.

21:05 35 minutes ago

9 | high

José Cardona is dominated after hitting an out line; however, Isaac Rodríguez discounts the score for Mexico.

20:58 43 minutes ago

9 | high

Mexico’s first hit fell with Isaac Rodríguez’s double after a fly ball to right field; and with that ends the participation of Tyler Alexander as a pitcher for the Dominican Republic, who was making a perfect game.

20:52 an hour ago

8 | Short

Moises Sierra hits a sacrifice fly for Robinson Cano to score the second Dominican Republic run.

20:52 an hour ago

8 | high

20:47 an hour ago

6 | Short

Mexico changes its pitcher: Brennan Bernardino is relieved by Daniel Duarte.

20:42 an hour ago

5 | high

Tyler Alexander continues with his perfect game; Mexico has not managed to make a hit in 15 at-bats.

20:37 an hour ago

4 | Short

After four complete innings, the slightest advantage remains in favor of the Dominican Republic.

20:32 an hour ago

3 | high

Mexico continues without hitting in a good way; There are already 9 Mexicans retired by Tyler Alexander.

20:27 an hour ago

2 | Short

After two full innings, the Dominican Republic is already up on the scoreboard, but they came close to doing more damage by leaving runners on the first two bases.

20:22 an hour ago

2 | Short

Moisés Sierra hits a single with a fly ball to center field; Henry Urrutia scores and puts the Dominican Republic ahead on the marker.

20:17 an hour ago

2 | high

Tyler Alexander again easily dominates the three batters from Mexico.

20:12 an hour ago

1 | Short

With Marcell Ozuna’s out line, the first inning of the game ends. After a complete one, Mexico and the Dominican Republic tied at zero.

20:07 2 hours ago

1 | high

Quickly, José Cardona, Esteban Quiroz and Joey Meneses are removed in a row. The first batch of batting ends for Mexico.

20:02 2 hours ago


Tyler Alexander, from the Dominican Republic, on the mound; José Cardona, from Mexico, at bat.

19:57 2 hours ago

Mexico to advance to the round

Looking ahead to this game, Roberto Vizcarra (manager of Charros) made their goals clear: “We haven’t won anything. Advancing to the semifinals was the first step, but the goal is to win the championship for Mexico. That’s why we come to the Caribbean Series”.

19:52 2 hours ago

starting pitchers

For Mexico, the starter will be Brennan Bernardino, while Tyler Alexander for the Dominican Republic.

19:47 2 hours ago

Colombia, first finalist

19:42 2 hours ago

Dominican Republic confirmed ninth

19:37 2 hours ago

Confirmed ninth from Mexico

19:32 2 hours ago

Dominican Republic comes from succeeding

19:27 2 hours ago

Mexico comes from winning

19:22 2 hours ago

Let’s start!

There is less than an hour left for the novenas of Mexico and the Dominican Republic to face each other again, now in search of the last ticket to the Final of the 2022 Caribbean Series, which will be played tomorrow.

19:17 2 hours ago

Don’t leave here to follow the game Venezuela vs Dominican Republic live

In a few moments we will share the starting line-ups of the match Mexico vs Dominican Republic livein addition to the latest information emerging from the Quisqueya Stadium. Do not miss any details of the match with minute by minute and live online from VAVEL.

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Where and how to watch Mexico vs Dominican Republic online and live

19:07 3 hours ago

Background between Mexico and the Dominican Republic

19:02 3 hours ago

How did the Dominican Republic advance?

18:57 3 hours ago

How did Mexico get there?

18:52 3 hours ago

Mexicans and Dominicans face each other.

18:47 3 hours ago

competition format

18:42 3 hours ago

Ninth participants in the 2022 Caribbean Series

18:37 3 hours ago

What is the Caribbean Series?

18:32 3 hours ago

Good afternoon to all VAVEL readers!

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