Ochoa throws a ‘dart’ at ex-selected analysts and Oswaldo responds

Memo was not silent before the comments of the former players to which Sánchez clarified that they are not there to cheer.

Ochoa complains about criticism from former TUDN members; Oswaldo responds

For: Raul Garrido

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“Yes (they see each other in Qatar 2022 with the tata), at all times, is the head of this group, is the leader who will take us from day 1, from the gold Cup, Nations League, the other Gold Cup and you have to qualify. The Qualifiers now turns out that everything is easy and the people who work with you (TUDN) knows it and sometimes they forget what happens here”, commented the goalkeeper of the Mexican team in chat with TUDN.

Ochoa continued by reflecting on the current situation of Mexico and assured that there will be self-criticism in the team and that it will come from within, but that winning will always make it easier to improve as a team.

“With anguish because we wanted the three points, the rivals are more and more prepared, they have more quality, Panama he already plays, he comes out playing, he manages the match and in the last third we had the options and we lacked that calm to define, pass, but football rewarded us with that penalty and there are three points that in one Play off They are fundamental and there will be self-criticism because we are the first to want to improve, but it is easier to win”.

Finally he closed: “Used to this type of situation, I know how to handle it and you have to pass it on to the young people who see a lot of noise outside, we know what the coach works for, what happened last game was our fault, not the coach’s and we had to correcting it, it’s part of the process, in Mexico you have to learn to handle them but there are three games left and nothing is guaranteed”.

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