Former referees fight for a penalty in favor of the Mexican National Team

Because of the Mexican selection The envy and disagreements that existed in other times in the Arbitration Commission came to light.

Now, from the other trench, that of the mediaformer referees defend their position and at the same time revive old grudges.

Francisco Chacon and Marco Antonio Rodriguez, they just don’t love each other.

When the penalty was scored against the Panama National Team, a foul on Diego Lainez, Paco Chacón, who works at TV Azteca as an arbitration analyst, he wrote:

“Min 78 non-existent penalty in favor of Mexico”.

Immediately, Marco Antonio Rodríguez, who now works at Televisa, turned:

The Coach Referee @ChiquimarcoMx. Do you want to see Mexico out of the World Cup? I’m not surprised by you and your behavior off the field of play and on it. I do know you. Don’t manipulate people @pacochaconmx”.

Chacón, who is also a councilor in Irapuato, did not remain silent, and called him “take care of chambas” to Rodriguez:

“I know you better, you are a caretaker, that is the problem when you don’t know how to do anything else, because as a coach you were a fiasco. Don’t believe it, you are the only undefeated coach in Europe… PS Of course I want to see Mexico in the World Cup, kisses”.

And Marco Rodríguez, went to the charge:

“I welcome your kisses, they are still sour as always. I would like to read an argument of yours related to the arbitration issue. Of course I am still undefeated and will continue to be undefeated but it was not because of cheating, lying, manipulating or treacherous. PS You could never beat me at anything.”

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