Fitness mom picks up her son at school and is called ‘inappropriate’

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Her self-name on social media is Vanesita Medina, and she is a lawyer who, in addition to being a mother, develops a fitness routine that looks unprejudiced; However, an image of her taken when she dropped her son off at school was spread, calling her wearing “inappropriate” clothing.

So she responded to her critics on social media.

With the return of face-to-face classes in Bolivia, after the isolation stage due to covid-19, this mother of a family went viral.

Vanesa Medina is the “fit mom” who became a trend after another woman recorded a video of her and shared those images.

In the publication he wrote that the clothes he was wearing were “inappropriate” for a school, since he went to drop off his four-year-old son at school in the city of Santa Cruz.

She was dressed in a pink sports outfit and her back was bare.

People like that make me want to change my son’s school, disgusting “, published the woman who photographed her and recorded a video, material that went viral, and that generated controversy.

After uploading the material to the internet, without her authorization, Vanesita Medina replied:

I wanted to express myself through this post thanking all the people who sent me their support through many little messages, showing affection and appreciation towards me with such beautiful words defending myself on social networks for the video that went viral with bad design towards me person where that mother did wanting to denigrate me, expressing herself with such contempt towards me and exposing it to my 4-year-old son without knowing that this is a crime, ”he says.

With people for and against the opinion of those who took the trouble to photograph her, the video and photos have spread non-stop in recent hours.

I am a Fit Mommy who works and I take care of my son with all the love in the world, and I don’t do anything bad to anyone.”

The comments, for and against, number in the thousands. What do you think?

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