They question Gucci glasses sold in Elektra; they say they are fake

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A tiktoker questioned the authenticity of some Gucci glasses allegedly offered at 2 thousand 599 pesos in the marketplace from Elektra, owned by businessman Ricardo Salinas Pliego, arguing that at that price it was impossible for it to be an original item.

The TikTok user Ana Regina Alarcón did not want to stay with the doubt and decided to buy the Gucci model sunglasses Square Shape Oversized sold by the provider Dprisa to compare them with ones that you bought in the official store of the luxury brand.

“I couldn’t stay with the doubt, so of course I asked for them. But something did not make sense to me since he said that they deliver them to us in the store and that they were not sold by Elektra,” he said through his TikTok account.

Once he received the supposed Gucci glasses, he compared them with the original ones and identified a series of details by which ruled out that it was an authentic article; which was withdrawn from marketplace of Elektra.

“As expected, Elektra’s are not original, why? And no, it’s not obvious that they were going to be fakeDo you know how many people trust Elektra and its suppliers? (…) It is not the deal of the century, it is not the bargain of the century, they are fakeDon’t buy them,” he added.

However, hours later the alleged CEO of Dprisa, Mauricio Tamayo, replied to the video of the tiktoker Y assured that the products they sell through the main retailers in Mexico are “totally original”.

“Gucci glasses they have an affordable price for the negotiations we achieved with our suppliers, in addition to the fact that they correspond to previous collections”, he argued.

Until now, Elektra has not issued an official position on the authenticity of the alleged glasses. Gucci offered in your marketplace.


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