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The confinement that we have all suffered in the world since 2020, forced us to reflect on the value of enjoying good health, which opened the discussion on good habits in conjunction with the best eating practices, almost at the same time that provisions were issued regulations at the national level to regulate processed foods.

The spotlight on the food industry generated an increase in both new products and brands, as well as reformulations with more suitable values ​​for healthy consumption. Among the new proposals, Food News stands out, a disruptive idea that, in addition to offering food products positioned as a source of dietary fiber and vegetable protein, is a space to provide quality information in terms of well-being for free through its website and social networks.

The firm seeks to include as much of the population as possible and that is why they highlight their V-Label, a symbol of international recognition as products suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets, as well as other certificates to reinforce the priority they give to quality. such as those in food safety and working conditions for their employees.

The proposal of the young entrepreneurs who founded the company goes beyond their creation of snacks with high nutritional value, without added sugars, saturated or trans fats, one of them are the so-called Kubitos, snacks made with fruit in an innovative process of evaporation, which allow all the properties to be concentrated, while giving it an attractive texture for consumption by the whole family.

The idea is that health is made up of more than just a good diet, since it includes what nourishes us intellectually, such as what we read in the media and what we consume online.

As a good pandemic company, they have online distribution through Amazon and Mercado Libre, but self-service stores have also believed in their philosophy, such as La Europea and Green Republic, although their vision to expand the market includes others where we will soon find them, such as Sanborns, La Comer, Liverpool, Soriana, Sears, Nutrisa, Palacio de Hierro, among many more. Thus, the intention of Food News in the short term is to even reach shopping centers in Mexico City and the Metropolitan Area such as Artz Pedregal, Plaza Satélite and Arboleda in Monterrey, where they will install vending machines with the aim of providing their products with easily and quickly, although it can reach schools, airlines, cinemas and gyms, but it remains to be seen who is the last to join this great change.


The income from remittances during 2021 was 51 thousand 594 million dollars, 27 percent higher than the previous record. Effort only from the work of Mexicans in the United States, the government has nothing to do with this.



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