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The vaccine modern for COVID-19 received full approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDAfor its acronym in English) of U.S for people over 18 years of age, a milestone that reinforces the use of the vaccine as an important weapon against the virus.

The vaccine, whose trade name is Spikevax was already available to adults in the United States with an emergency use authorization from the FDA. But full approval allows Moderna to market the vaccine to adults with full FDA approval.

The Actions Moderna rose 2.8 percent to $163.93. The company began submitting its application for approval last June. Pfizer it has the only other vaccine that has full authorization in the United States, granted by the FDA in August.

The move means the FDA has completed the same rigorous and lengthy reviews for Moderna’s shot as it has for dozens of other long-verified vaccines.

The decision was prompted by real-world evidence from more than 200 million doses given in the United States since the FDA authorized the injection in December 2020.

Public health groups initially hoped the regulatory distinction would boost public confidence in vaccines. But there was no discernible boost in vaccine delivery following the approval of the Pfizer shot, which was much heralded by the president. Joe Biden and other federal government officials. Still, regulators said Monday they hoped the additional approval would encourage more people to get vaccinated.

More than 211 million Americans, or 63 percent of the total population, are fully vaccinated. About 86 million people have received a booster. Vaccination peaked last spring with more than 3 million doses given daily, and is now averaging less than 750,000 daily. The rate of vaccination increased briefly after the news about the variant omicron in December, but has since dropped again.

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