The controversy with the footballers of El Salvador

The scandal in football team of

The Savior
took a new turn, as apparently they will play tonight’s match against Canada for the Octagonal Final of the World Cup Qualifyingdespite warning a few hours earlier that they would not show up due to problems with the Federation.

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El Salvador speaks exclusively for Azteca Deportes

In an exclusive interview, Aztec Sports was able to talk to the reporter Francisco Torres of the National Sports Institute of El Salvador, who explained the reason for the conflict that has suspended this Wednesday’s meeting at the Cuscatlan Stadium.

“For the national team match in U.Sthey traveled practically a week before, and the soccer players had to buy clothing for the cold with their own money, the Federation He did not give them anything, this was leaked to the media, which reported it as something outrageous, “he said.

From here the scandal began, since the Federation came out to deny these accusations with a statement. After their visiting meetings in the United States and Honduran territory, the “Selecta” arrived in El Salvador until Monday, where the leaders confronted them for having revealed this to the press.

The Savior

The reporter Francisco Torres reports that the president of the Federation, Hugo Carrillo, strongly scolded the soccer players and threatened them with economic issues.

Very annoyed, he told them that what they had agreed in terms of prizes, at the start of the CONCACAF Octagonal, had been canceled and that the Federation was not going to give them any prizes. The annoyed players, because it is not the first time, also in the process prior to the Octagonal, then they published the statement in which they say that they will not play the game against Canada”, he stated.

However, after all this revolution on the part of those selected from El Salvador, a new message appeared at the last minute from within the group in which they affirm that they will appear for today’s duel.

As a united group, we have decided to play and give everything to keep this illusion of a country alive. We will play for ourselves, our families and our fans. Despite having these unfortunate actions, which affect the concentration and focus that a match of this level requires”, communicated the players.

For his part, President Hugo Carrillo came out to speak at a press conference to clarify the issue: “I apologize to the fans for the uncertainty that was generated.” Here he assured that there is good harmony with the players and that he agrees to pay the prizes that were agreed, in addition to affirming that there was a misunderstanding of the footballers and that this situation has already been fixed.

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