Rafa Márquez and his new criticism of the Mexican National Team

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After the dramatic game that they won against Jamaica (2-1) and the goalless draw against Costa Rica at the Azteca, the The Mexican National Team has been in the eye of the hurricane in recent days, taking all kinds of criticism. Recently, Rafa Márquez has given her point of view on the performance of the national team, to which, ensures it lacks people who appear at important moments.

In fact, the Kaiser noted on TUDN that Hector Herrera, Moreno and Ochoa are part of the list of leaders of the Tri, however, believes that they do not raise their hands when the Mexican squad most needs their contribution on the pitch On the other hand, he pointed out that Guardado is the only one who puts his chest to the bullets.

(Herrera, Moreno or Ochoa) do not have that profile. Are leaders, but not have profile to attract attention in important moments. Lack that profile, maybe Saved“said the former Atlas and Barcelona player.

Oswaldo did not keep anything

Oswaldo Sanchezanother history of the Mexican National Team, coincided with the Kaiser on the issue of leadershipsince it does not detect any soccer player who does something different, that emotionally or soccer-wise the team throws the man.

“How do you rescue something positive from a game where you should have given that blow of authority at home? I insist on the issue of leadership, that detail must be mentioned. There are different types of leadership, but I don’t see anyone raising their hands“.

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