Mexico vs. Panama: Ral Jimnez, Gerardo Arteaga and Cata Domnguez, news against Panama

Gerardo Martino has his starting team ready to face the key duel against Panam in search of staying within the direct classifieds to Qatar 2022

Ralph Jimnez, who presented a calf injury, would be ready to command the Mexican attack. On offense be accompanied by Hirving “Chucky Lozano” and Alexis Vega.

This could

This could be the lineup of Mexico against Panama.

On the defensive side, given the drop in Hector Moreno and Luis “Chaka” Rodriguezthe places will be occupied by Julio César “Cata” Domnguez and by César Montes. Nestor Araujo and Gerardo Arteaga complete the lower zone.

In midfield, Martino will go out with experienced men: Andres Guardado, Hctor Herrera, and Carlos Rodriguez.

With this painting, Gerardo Martino I will go out in search of dispelling doubts and get back on track towards Qatar 2022

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