JJ Macías accepted that he lacked training before going to Europe

The Mexican striker Jose Juan Macias he privately recognized the owner of the Pachuca, Jesus Martinez, That advanced in his process for go to Europeand this was announced by the same director.

It was in a podcast with Raúl Orvañanos where Martinez Patiño spoke about Mexicans in Europeand touched on the subject of three footballers: Eugenio Pizzuto, JJ Macias Y Erik Gutierrez. With the first two, he accepted that their processes were brought forward and they were able to continue in their clubs and then go to the Old Continent.

“The same Macías, who recently spoke with Macías and told me: ‘How right you were, president, that I had to follow first of all getting fired up and then I’m going to another team level”, said Martinez in Los Owners of the Ball. It should be noted that JJ is registered with Chivas with number 32, but it is not a fact that he will stay.

“Another is very prepared, but he left very young. I told his dad that this was not the time for him to leave, but also we must be very respectfulEugenio Pizzuto, if that boy had stayed with us two or three more years”, said the manager.

pizzuto it was rescinded from Lille from France where it was not what was expected and now it is part of Braga from Portugal; Macías had the same luck with Getafe from Spain, and now he is looking to see where his future will follow.

He also applauded what was done by other players like Hector Herrera, Hirving Lozano Y Gutierrezthe latter asked him to return to Mexican soccer and the manager did not want to.

“You see how the graduates have managed their careers, they are very prepared and focused Héctor Herrera, ‘Chucky’ Lozano, the ‘Guti’ spoke to me recently, ‘I want to return’ ‘what are you going to return? You don’t go back until you succeed,and it is the one that has cost me the most work, it has cost him a job, but you can see that he is already a starter at PSV”, he commented.

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