‘Is this a small town?’; Don King went to Neza to party and was stunned

Recently Don Kinglegendary boxing promoter, announced his official retirementso various stories they began to come to lightlike the day he left party with the Chiquita Gonzalez to Nezahualcoyotl and he thought they were taking him ‘to a little town’.

Don King is a history of this sport because among his boxers he had to legends of the stature of Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard, george foreman, and even to Julio Cesar Chavezso your goodbye is significant.

Chiquita González took Don King to Neza

In an interview with ‘Izquierdazo’, the chiquita gonzalez revealed that a few decades ago, the November 12, 1994, carried Don King to visit his home, because after a function box promoted by the promoter, coincided in the Bullring Mexico.

Humberto Gonzalez had a good night and organized a party at home, where Guest List I was donald kingwho was not unaware of the Mexico statesince he had already visited several places like Texcoco, but Nezahualcoyotl it was brand new.

“I remember why I brought him to visit Ciudad Neza, to my house. already on the go I was asking if there were banks or McDonalds; because of how the streets looked and the few places we had, I thought it was a town”, said the former boxer.

chiquita gonzalez told him that yes it was a city and that it was a nice place, but Don King insisted in why there was no McDonald’s, for every city should have; in the end they arrived at his house and lived together for a while.

“We were here talking, he only speaks English, he just said ‘Mexico above, Mexico above’. It was a good thing to take him that day, the municipal president also accompanied me. It was something nice, a big promoter came to my house that is mentioned all over the world, he was my promoter. I saw that she combed her hair well but when he went out for television or the press he stood up his hair. He had a good hairstyle, but when he went out he stopped them to go out with his character, ”recalled the Mexican.

Don King is one of the great figures in the world of boxingand just like this experience in Nezahualcóyotl with Humberto González, it has many more hidden ones.

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