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The National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) announced that it had signed an agreement with the University of Córdoba (UCO), which will favor the students of the School of Medicine.

The highest house of studies explained that medical students, accepted in this agreement, will be able to study part of the degree in Mexico and another part in that country to obtain two degrees, one endorsed by the UNAM and another by the Spanish institution.

“This is the first program of its kind in all of Mexico with a European country at the undergraduate level for Medicine, and for UNAM it is the first double degree in Health Sciences with Europe,” he detailed in a statement.

One of the objectives, he added, is that students have the opportunity to work throughout the European Union “more easily”, by having a double degree. He even recalled that the process to revalidate in Spain the title of Medical Surgeon, issued in Mexico, takes about a year or a year and a half.

“If the students want to work or reside in Spain, they will no longer lose that year, they would only apply the MIR or the exam to enter the residencies in that country. It makes it easier for them to enter the educational and labor field in Europe”, he highlighted.

To this end, the students of the School of Medicine they must take the basic and clinical subjects from the first to the fourth year of the degree in Mexico; the fifth year, corresponding to the undergraduate Medical Internship, as well as a part of the Social Service, may be carried out in Spain, later, they will have to complete it in Mexico and return to the UCO to deliver a research project that will be a degree requirement.

Being a bilateral collaboration, UNAM will also receive undergraduate medical interns who will carry out their “rotatory” internship in Mexico, who will be awarded the title of Surgeon issued by the Faculty of Medicine.

What do you need to study in Spain?

  • be approved by a committee
  • be a regular student
  • Have a minimum general average of 8.5
  • Have a minimum grade of seven in high school
  • Cover the necessary credits for admission to the Medical Internship
  • Comply with the requirements established in each call

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