‘I waited 2 hours for him and he did sign me; Keylor fulfills the dream of a Mexican boy

The Mexican team is measured this Sunday to its similar Costa Rica by date 10 of the Octagonal Final of Concacaf. Keylor Navas, archer of the PSG, is one of the figures of the Ticos, so many fans are excited to see it, like Adrian, a little 7 year old that waited 2 hours to meet him.

After his good time at Real Madrid, Keylor Navas became in one of the most important goalkeepers in Europe and Concacaf, reaching the ranks of PSG where for periods of time he has benched Donnarumma, champion of Euro 2020. Thousands of fans want a photo or autograph of the Tico.

Keylor Navas fulfilled the dream of a Mexican boy

Through a video shared by ‘Yashin Quesada’, it was revealed that Adrian and his family they waited for Keylor Navas in its concentration hotel, south of CDMX, just to get a autograph; in the end they got it.

they asked Adrian Yes Keylor gave him his autograph and he said yes, with great happiness, showing the camera the PSG black jersey and one funko pop figure, of which many soccer players have their own, where the Tico captured his signature.

​”My name is Adrián, he signed my shirt and the Funko Pop… I met him at Real Madrid, I’m seven years old… we waited for Keylor for two hours”, said the Mexican boy.

in the form of joke Although he did not hesitate in his answer, Adrian was asked what for him who was better, Yes Keylor Navas or Guillermo Ochoa, and the Mexican boy was blunt: “Keylor”, something that surprised those present.

Mexico is measured to Costa Rica this Sunday, at the point of 5:00 p.m., where they could climb to the second square of the Octagonal, because after the defeat of the United States, it is something very feasible and thus they would come closer and closer to Qatar 2022.

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