Doctor in your home: Government of León attends vulnerable people at home and free

Leon, Guanajuato – To bring home basic health care to the most vulnerable groups, mainly the elderly and the disabled, the Municipal Government of Leon launched the programDoctor at your house”.

In December and January, 240 people have been treated with a mobile unit.

The attention will increase to an average of 200 people per month with the next operation of two other units, to have three in permanent operation.

Who are the beneficiaries?

The mayor, Alejandra Gutiérrez Campospointed out that primary health care, in particular for the elderly and disabled in a vulnerable situation or who do not have a family support network, was one of the main requests made during the campaign and a government commitment already underway .

They said that we were not going to be able to, that it was expensive, with will it is possible”, he said.

Home care, added the Mayor, makes it possible to identify other types of basic needs of vulnerable groups and thus intervene in other areas.

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What type of medical care does the Government of León offer at home?

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The director of Municipal Health, Ernesto García Caratachea, He explained that the home consultations are from Monday to Friday from 8 in the morning to 3:30 in the afternoon.

The care consists of a comprehensive assessment for diagnosis, follow-up and timely treatment. If the patient has conditions that require another type of specialized care, it is channeled to the different health institutions.

Each mobile unit Municipality of Leon It will have a doctor, nurse and promoter.

Services are also offered nutrition, psychology and dental.

There are free medicines from the basic table and healing material.

It may be antibiotic that is required, healing material for patients, for example, who have had their legs amputated, which prevents them from moving and who may have ulcers due to position that what is required is to go to heal, treat, and with this we avoid out-of-pocket expense and deferral of care”.

With support from Municipal DIF and the areas of Social and Rural Development a list of people who may require home care has been identified, to which are added the requests that arrive through the communication channels of Municipal Presidency (chat, telephone, Citizen Wednesday, etc.).

He mentioned that in León 4.4% of the population has a disability, of these half are older adults, and 49% have a mobility disability.

In addition to the fact that 13.4% of the population does not have access to health services.

How to request home health care?

  • By telephone: 477-713-8384 and 477-711-5133.
  • Hello Leon chat: 477-213-6000.
  • Citizen Wednesday and My Neighborhood Speaks.
  • settler committees.

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