Cruz Azul takes revenge on Boca? The Paraguayan Ángel Romero sounds in Mexico at the closing hours of the market


A Paraguayan left winger is what Cruz Azul is looking for before the transfer market closes. Justo Ángel Romero rejected Boca Juniors for an offer from Mexico.

To Cruz Azul?  Ángel Romero sounds in Mexico and rejected Boca
© Jam MediumTo Cruz Azul? Ángel Romero sounds in Mexico and rejected Boca

The story is simple. The pass market in Mexico closes on Tuesday, February 1 at 5:00 p.m. and the Cruz Azul board is negotiating with the cooperative’s senior managers to authorize the arrival of an eighth signing. The sources assure that they are looking for a left winger and, according to Carlos Córdova, the player would be Paraguayan.

The Machine still has a quota of foreigners for the coming season. At the moment, six players not trained in Mexico are registered in the squad, in the absence of Luis Abram (Peruvian) being enabled and Iván Morales (Chilean) signing a contract: Liga MX authorizes up to 10 foreign soccer players within each team.

And in the last few hours the eventual arrival of Ángel Romero was gaining strength. The 29-year-old Paraguayan striker has been free since last August and in recent weeks his arrival at Boca Juniors was practically closed. However, the Argentine journalist Fernando Czyz revealed that an offer from Mexico blocked the conversation with Xeneize.

An offer from North America appeared that offered Ángel Romero double his salary that Boca offered him and how he had given his word to respond this Monday: finally the Paraguayan has just announced that he is going to Mexico… we had to wait for Monday”he explained. Everything indicates that it would be the cement worker who offered for the twin.

Let’s add? Cruz Azul is looking for a Paraguayan left winger, who must arrive free as Víctor Manuel Velázquez requested, and Ángel Romero fulfills all these characteristics. Everything indicates that the signing will be resolved in the next few hours and we could see white smoke with the eighth blue reinforcement, in a “revenge” for Boca Juniors, who took Pol Fernández and prevented the arrival of Cristian Pavón.

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