Claudio Suárez assures that the Mexican team lacks humility

He knows what it means to wear the Tricolor shirt, achieve world championships and bear the pressure of representing Mexico. Because, Claudio Suarez considered that the current items of the Mexican National Team they are overprotected, besides that at times they lack humility and charisma with the Aztec fans.

For the former defender, this Tri of Gerard Daniel Martino can give much more, not only in the football aspect but also in media matters, since today he has the impression that the selected one is a figure apart from the people.

“We all believe that can give more this Selection and that it can do better things than what happened to us, because the idea is to improve, but He has not made that communion with the fans, lately the Selection has been very questioned. Times change, I feel that the player is overprotected, like what it is necessary a little more of humility or rapprochement with the fans”, Suárez said in an interview with Mediotiempo.

in our time, your you arrived and it was packed with fans and they asked you for an autograph, a photo, and you spent hours signing, there was more proximity and it was like now, I understand the issue of security, but how the player is very distant. We spent hours giving individual interviews, and that helped a lot, because the media is the link for the fans to see you, and feel closer to you”.


Even before the pandemic, the Mexican selection It has been used to play in a cold aztec stadium, far of the full from yesteryear, when the stands roared. The best entry of this process it was in the game against Honduras in October past, when there were about 60 thousand fans, although thanks to a promotion of 2 tickets for the price of 1.

The last big qualifying round It was in the previous process, in June 2017 when Mexico received the United States and the result was 1-1. Those crowds were not an exception but rather the custom at the time of Claudio, who played the qualifiers for the 1994, 1998, 2002 and 2006 World Cups., The Emperor criticized what players like Héctor Herrera have said that the Azteca does not weigh.

Being in the Azteca Stadium there is a lot of advantage, is the reality, although Herrera says that it does not weigh, but the rivals do feel it even though it is empty because of the punishment,” he added.

After a goalless draw against Costa Rica this Sunday, the Selection will receive Panama this Wednesday in a game that pcould mean goodbye to Tata, in case you don’t win. Then there will be the last three Octagonal games, in March, against the United States, Honduras and El Salvador, of which the first and third will be at the Azteca.

It remains to be seen if El Tri has an audience again, after before Costa Rica and Panama only 2 thousand people were allowed to enter, for the Mexican Soccer Federation to implement an access operation for identify the fans and thus combat the homophobic cry.

“That has harmed the National Team, the fact that playing without an audience does take away that flavor, playing with an empty stadium, until the same player feels uncovered, as you don’t have that shelter from the people and there must be that communion, the players must be aware that they must have better performances and results, “he considered.

“I played many national team matches, and playing in the Azteca does impose, Y when things were good people got involved, fills, sings, and that motivates, but I also got the bad. And it is that, the communion, that he plays well, and it is the other way around, that the emotion comes out of the field so that people get more involved”.


Before the possibility that him Tata Martino be dismissed, Suarez believes that the Selection must be directed by characters who know the medium, such What Ricardo did it at the time La Volpe or Bora Milutinovic, unlike the Colombian Juan Carlos Osorio.

“I am more nationalistic and I think it is proven in numbers: there are few foreign coaches who really give results, who are not from the country where they lead. With Mexico the test I consider was La Volpe that is made in Mexico, as a coach and as a player, Bora himself, because the last one, Juan Carlos Osorio, I feel that he left nothing to football on the subject of a teaching, we didn’t know what he was playing, changed, changed and changed”, he highlighted.

Unlike them, Suárez considered that the processes of Miguel Mejía Barón, Javier Aguirre or even Miguel Herrera, the candidate to replace Tata in case of termination, left more mark.

“Those technicians are the ones who have left school, because I remember (Sven Goran) Erikson, that they paid him a fortune. Why don’t you give the Mexican coach the opportunity, support, and pay him well, a good salary?” he questioned.

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