“Checo is not like Bottas; Valtteri is a loser when it comes to overtaking”

Marko recognized Checo Pérez’s ability to ride traffic; however, he asks for better rankings this 2022

Helmut Marko, advisor to the Red Bull teampraised the 2021 he had Czech Perez on the Formula 1even assured that there were races that reached the level of Max Verstappen and that the Mexican is better than Valtteri Bottaswho was the teammate of Lewis Hamilton in Mercedes. However, he also admitted that Checo must improve in the rankings for the 2022 season.

“But Checo is not like Bottas. The big difference between him and the Finn is that Valtteri is a loser when it comes to overtaking. He is very fast, but he cannot overtake traffic”, were the words that Helmut Marko gave in an interview for the French magazine Autoreveu.

“If you start a race ninth or even 11th, all the qualities that Pérez has to face a race are not going to help the team. He has driven at the same level as Max on some Sundays, but it is something you don’t realize because he has to make up lost ground and gain positions against other cars”.

Despite the fact that Helmut Marko applauded Checo, the Red Bull adviser considers that for the 2022 season, the Mexican must focus on improving his performances in the rankingsabove all, to support Max Verstappen.

“It is clear to us that currently there is no driver who can take on Verstappen in qualifying, but then you need someone who doesn’t fall apart or faint, and that has happened with Pérez”.

‘Checo’ finished the 2021 season in fourth position in the drivers’ championship with 190 points. The Mexican was below Valtteri Bottas with 226; Lewis Hamilton with 387.5 and Max Verstappen, champion with 395.5.

The F1 season will start on March 18 in Bahrain and will culminate on November 20 in Abu Dhabi after 23 races. The Grand Prix of Mexico City will be the date 21, for October 30.

The preseason will start on February 23 in Barcelona -That first rehearsal session will end on the 25th-. It will continue in Bahrain from March 10 to 12.

Is Czech Perez and the rest of the top category drivers will have the challenge of adapting to new tires and car designs, in a great technical renovation of the category with the aim of proposing better fights on the track.

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