Brown to O’Ward: “Fastest way to F1? Win IndyCar”

O’Ward believes he can make it to Formula 1 in two years

Brown trusts him, but reminds him to focus on winning IndyCar first.

Zak Brown confirms that the fastest way for Pato O’Ward to get to Formula 1 is to win IndyCar. The Mexican, who recently tested the MCL35M, already knows what he has to do if he wants to have a chance to access the Great Circus.

O’Ward surprised in his fourth year in IndyCar in 2021 by finishing third. Testing the McLaren MCL35M recently in Abu Dhabi’s end-of-season testing, O’Ward said that, at 22, he has two years at most to have a chance of getting into Formula 1.

Zak Brown highlights how important it is for him to focus on IndyCar and says that if he wants to have a chance, what he has to do is win the American class title, he thinks that would be the fastest way.

“That’s exactly what I told him, the fastest way to get to Formula 1 is to go and do what Juan Pablo Montoya, Alex Zanardi, Jacques Villeneuve or Michael Andretti did: win IndyCar“, Brown has highlighted in statements published by the American web portal

“That will be your best chance to get to F1. He is incredibly talented. He has a great personality. I think he has what it takes in terms of talent to be a Formula 1 driver,” added Brown.

The McLaren manager does not doubt Pato’s qualities, but underlines the importance of focusing on IndyCar for now.

“Obviously Formula 1 is a much more different discipline, so he has a lot to learn, in terms of driving for example. But I’m sure he will learn. He needs to be very focused on IndyCar. It will be his best route to F1. I think that a period of two years is correct”, expressed Brown to finish.

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