Today’s matches: Mexico vs. Costa Rica live the Concacaf Qualifying match towards the Qatar 2022 World Cup

Live match: Mexico vs Costa Rica, minute by minute

Min 74 | Mx 0-0 CR | Double change from Mexico and Costa Rica.

Alexis Vega enters the premises and Jess Corona leaves

Adrin Martnez and Celso Borges leave for the visit, Bryan Ruiz and Juan Vargas enter

Min 73 | Mx 0-0 CR | Orbeln reappears with a long-distance shot, but the round goes over the visiting goal.

One of Navas’ great saves this day at the Azteca…

Min 68 | Mx 0-0 CR | Orbeln Pineda appears with a long-distance shot that threatened to pierce Navas’ goal. Francisco Calvo’s leg prevents the fall of his frame.

Min 63 | Mx 0-0 CR | Jess Corona appears with a header down the left wing, his shot goes off the side of Navas’ right post.

Min 60 | Mx 0-0 CR | Mexico and Costa Rica make modifications. Henry Martn and Gerardo Arteaga enter the premises, and Jess Gallardo and Rogelio Funes Mori leave.

Gerson Torres leaves for Costa Rica and Jefry Valverde enters

Min 60 | Mx 0-0 CR | Luis Rodríguez sends a shot-center down the right wing, and the one with segments ends up crashing into the crossbar. Keylor launches without making contact, but the Costa Ricans are saved

Min 54 | Mx 0-0 CR | Arin Martnez stays close to scoring the first goal of the match. A filtered ball is received by the attacker from Costa Rica, but on the last touch he lengthens it too much, enough to not be able to shoot comfortably against Guillermo Ochoa.

minute 49 | Mx 0-0 CR | First warning for Mexico. It is Luis Rodríguez who sees the preventive card for El Tri.

minute 45 | Mx 0-0 CR | Mexico makes double change. Carlos Rodríguez and Edson Álvarez leave and Orbeln Pineda and Luis Romo enter.

minute 45 | Mx 0-0 CR | The complementary part between Mexico and Costa Rica begins

minute 45 | Mx 0-0 CR | Let’s go to dressing rooms!!!

Mexico and Costa Rica go to rest without registering movements in the electronic, after the first 45 minutes of their commitment in the Octagonal Final of Concacaf heading to Qatar 2022.

minute 45 | Mx 0-0 CR | Grab save by Keylor Navas, who with a throw to his right deflects the free throw shot by Hctor Herrera.

minute 40 | Mx 0-0 CR | Poor coverage by the Mexican defense allows the Costa Ricans to play dangerous. A ball raised in the area is headed, without a mark, by Celso Borges, it reaches the hands of Guillermo Ochoa.

minute 39 | Mx 0-0 CR | Keysher Fuller becomes the second cautioned by the Costa Rican national team. The first to see the preventive card was Adrin Marinez.

minute 36 | Mx 0-0 CR | A counterattack play, with the ball led by Corona, left Lozano outside the area, who tried to penetrate the left corner of Navas’ goal. The ball goes very high.

minute 33 | Mx 0-0 CR | A ball bounced in the Costa Rican area ends with a shot by Lozano, who goes very high from the Costa Rican goal. Mexico already smells the goal.

minute 31 | Mx 0-0 CR | Jess Corona’s personal move ends with Tecatito’s shot on goal, which bounces off a defender. The ball remains for Rogelio Funes Mori who beats Keylor Navas, but the assistant annuls the play for being out of place

Intense duel that is now lived in the Azteca stadium…

Min 16 | Mx 0-0 CR | Salas reappears, now after a series of rebounds in the tricolor area. The Costa Rican elemto takes a broken shot, but it passes near the left post of Paco Memo,

Min 9 | Mx 0-0 CR | Youstin Salas tries to surprise Guillermo Ochoa with a low shot down the right wing. America’s goalkeeper leans to his left and rejects the spherical

Min 7 | Mx 0-0 CR | Lozano reappears in the area, again with a header attempt after a cross from Luis Rodríguez. The ball is far away, and he doesn’t make good contact.

Min 2 | Mx 0-0 CR | First offensive appearance by Mexico. Hirving Lozano appears with a header in the area, a shot that goes off the side of the left post of the goal defended by Keylor Navas.

This is the team that Gerardo Martino sends to the field. The presences of Edson Álvarez and Hirving Lozano, What stands out in the lineup…

min 0 | Mx 0-0 CR | Hostilities begin between Mexico and Costa Rica, within the Octagonal Final of Concacaf, heading to Qatar 2022.

This is what he looks like registration system for amateurs, with which they seek to eradicate the homophobic scream in the stands…

Louis Ferdinand Surez He comes out with a star team to seek the victory against El Tri.

Both squads arrive with triumphs in tow, which helped them get fully into the fight for qualification to Qatar.

Mexico turned the score around, defeating Jamaica 1-2; while Costa Rica beat Panama 1-0 at home

This is how the World Cup qualification goes in Concacaf

Octagonal Final Concacaf, at the moment

  • Canada | 22 points
  • United States | 18 points
  • Mexico | 17 points
  • Panama | 14 points
  • Costa Rican | 12pt
  • Jamaican | 6 points
  • The Salter | 6 points
  • Honduras | 3pts

The Colossus of Santa rsula, with a beautiful day to receive the World Cup qualifiers…

Welcome to the football party!!!

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. The activity of Octagonal Concacaf Final heading to Qatar 2022 resumes this Sunday, January 30 for the Mexican team; with the confrontation before his similar Costa Rica on the field of the Azteca stadium.

The fight for the top positions in the World Cup classification remains very close, and the tricolor team cannot afford to lose points and even less in the Coloso de Santa rsula, so a very close duel is expected against the Tico team, a team that is historically complicated for the Tri.

Do not miss the best actions of the duel between Mexico and Costa Rica, in our traditional MINUTE BY MINUTE in BRAND Claro.


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