Shawn Mendes stumbles while exercising and shares it in a fun video

We all know that things aren’t always what they seem on social media, and Shawn Mendes confirms it in a new post. On his Instagram account, Shawn poses for a shirtless photo while taking a hike in sunny Los Angeles. However, on the next slide, he included a little behind-the-scenes look at the shot.

In the video, he smiles and flexes his muscles quickly, but when he turns to continue down the trail, he instantly slips and falls. Shawn hilariously overdubbed John Mayer’s “Gravity” over the short clip, but his friends can still be heard laughing in the background. “Guess that’s what I get,” she captioned the post.

Realizing he was fine, fans and other artists couldn’t help but tease him a bit in the comments. “King of the fall after catching thirst,” one user wrote, while singer-songwriter JP Saxe wrote, “how dare angels.” All in all, it looks like Shawn took the fall in stride.

Shawn Mendes shows off his abs

It’s pretty common to see a shirtless Shawn, as fans got another set of hot photos recently when the singer took in some Miami, Florida sunshine. Fans also got another treat from that outing, as Shawn and his ex-girlfriend Camila Cabello were seen together walking his dog, Tarzan, in Miami on January 6, nearly two months after they decided to call it quits. .

Since then, fans have definitely gone into a frenzy of speculation: could they get back together? Although neither singer has spoken about what happened during their brief date, a source close to Shawn told HollywoodLife what the real deal was behind his meeting in Miami. “Shawn wanted to see Camila when she was in Miami. She only had a few days left in Miami and it has been so long since they met face to face,” he noted.

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