‘I don’t have a heart attack because God is great’; Chavez of his children


Nothing was saved! Julio César Chávez confessed in an interview that he has been “very close to having a heart attack” when he has seen his childrenJulio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Omar Chavez, get in the ring He also shared that initially he did not want his children to be boxers.

He has not given me a heart attack because God is great: Julio César Chávez

During an interview with Eugenio Lamazón for Box Azteca in June 2021, Chavez stated: “I gave them the opportunity, but unfortunately there has been a lot of courage. He has not given me a heart attack because God is great. My courage is that they are very irresponsible.”

The box was not an option for the children of Chávez

Likewise, the Champion accepted that he did not want his children to follow in his footsteps as a boxer at first, however, it was impossible for him to avoid it because they grew up watching him fight. It should be noted that the relationship between Chávez and his children has not always been the most stable.

“They have given me both (joy and courage). At first they were happy because they were young with many hopes, but that faded over time. The truth has been difficult”, declared Julio César prior to his last exhibition fight against Héctor “Macho” Camacho Jr.

Addictions of Julio César Chávez and his children

Consequently, Chavez also talked about addiction problems in which they have involved their children. What Julio César Chávez Jr. replied that “he used more drugs than they”, who lowered the girlfriends and even hit his mother. Currently they have managed to iron out the laziness to some extent.

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