Dante Elizalde is honest about the start of Santos Laguna in Clausura 2022

The Santos Laguna board is aware of the lack of results. He is not at all satisfied with the start of the Guerreros tournament in Clausura 2022, where they barely add one point out of a possible 9, to be third from last in the general classification.

This was expressed by the executive president of the albiverdes, Dante Elizalde, after officially announcing that the Colombian attacker Harold Preciado becomes the last reinforcement for the lagoons in Liga MX.

“We are worried, busy, very dissatisfied, we see the work of Pedro Caixinha, the group, his work team and it does not correspond in relation to where should we meet“He answered expressly when questioned about the slow start of the Santista team.

And he also added: “It is time to continue working and reiterate that commitment, all of us who work in this institution dedicate ourselves seven days a week, all the time, 24 hours a day, so that this flourishes.”

He indicated that they are clear, that in all changes of helmsman there is a phase of adaptation in terms of the system of game in a new processbut they are sure that they will have to build on that base, since things are going well.

Of the feelings of the albiverde followers, he explained: “This state of dissatisfaction is going to be resolved with work, there are no magic formulas, the boys are professionals in the fullest sense of the word and I am sure that we are going to move forward.”

He said that beyond explaining to the fans the lack of results, they have to show their faces, be up front and tell them that things are not working out as far as results are concernedbut the work and the process is being carried out, so he is calm in this aspect.

“It’s been three days and we have this break from the FIFA Date that allows us to refine and fine-tune some of our players and we have the great opportunity to turn the page on the next day.”

Expectations, the highest, that Harold can transmit on the court as usual, happy, he already knew the squad, asking about players and their characteristics.


The Santista boss acknowledged that weeks ago there was a certain distance both with the club’s fans and with the region’s press.

“It was important to be able to comment on this situation directly and frontally, since a certain lack of closeness had already happened in December, which we must eliminate. I think we should be much closer to you (the media) and much closer to our fans, and I take this opportunity to give you this great news,” he confessed at the TSM’s Orlegi Auditorium.


Another of the topics that Elizalde addressed was the captaincy of the Brazilian Matheus Dória for the current tournament with Caixinha, when goalkeeper Carlos Acevedo had it for the entire 2021, with the Uruguayan Guillermo Almada at the helm.

“It is important to mention that he (Acevedo) has not lost any place, he has not been displaced from where he was. He was the number two captain with the previous coaching staff and today he is still that captain number two. The person who was replaced was Hugo Rodríguez, who was captain one, but since he was not part of the starting eleven he could not wear the badge, “he confessed.

He indicated that Carlos is a goalkeeper and an extraordinary person, who came to the institution for many years and continues to be that same humble, hardworking guy, who gets angry when they score a goal even in training.


Regarding the arrival of the 27-year-old Colombian national team to the Guerreros, Dante said that the new reinforcement is currently concentrated with his team in the South American qualifiers, where next Tuesday in Córdoba, Argentina they will visit the albiceleste team.

“The reason for this meeting is to tell you what happened this last week and to confirm the hiring of Harold Preciado. I have just arrived from Barranquilla, where I met with the player, his wife, his daughter and his representatives to bring to fruition this hiring”, said the boss of the Warriors.

It should be remembered that Harold in the last tournament in his country was champion with Deportivo Cali, qualifying directly for the Libertadores Cup of America and at the individual level he was the top netbreaker in the competition, with 13 goals.

Despite several offers from Mexico and Europe, the Colombian chose to come to the Shire: “Santos is a very solid project and it is very easy to offer it to a player. When you show the facilities, when you have the testimony of players who have passed through here, when the representatives have the best credentials knowing that it is a compliant club, when you have this track record, it becomes a much simpler issue”.

He added that the merit for this type of negotiations is what has been built throughout all this time, which allows them to reach the player and offer them the workbookso that later they tell them that they are delighted.

On his arrival in the Shire, he reported: “What is pending to have him with us is the work visa, immigration issues and the whole moving issue. He is eager to be here with us as soon as possible.”

Elizalde made it clear that the closing of the negotiation is for three years, in addition to the fact that they paid a large sum in terms of the termination of the contract with the Caleño team, which leaves him quite satisfied, not only for the sports part, but also for the human part.

“He is a player who comes to win, he knows the institution well, he knows the demands of his fans and the quality of the TSM facilities, he is very happy,” he said.

On the other hand, clarified the speech they had mentioned weeks ago with the coaching staffwhen they presented the reinforcements Leo Suárez and Franco Pizzichillo, for the current campaign.

“We had a closed campus. With this offer for Juan Ferney Otero we proceed, but in order to do so we had to have already done our homework,” and also added that “in our files and files we had information about Harold and he became a very important option, because in addition to being a great 9, he can play on the wings”, recalling that he did so last Friday in the few minutes he was against Peru, at the Metropolitano de Barranquilla.



The Colombian attacker Harold Preciado signed with the Warriors.

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