Bengals defy the betting lines to get into the Super Bowl

Cincinnati started the season 125-1 to contest the NFL Title Game and went as high as +1,200 to beat the Chiefs

The Cincinnati Bengals they tied his ticket to the Super Bowl LVI in dramatic fashion this Sunday with an extra-time victory over favorites Kansas City Chiefs.

The feat of Bengals is a challenge to bet lines who were against him since Week 1.

Cincinnati started the season with odds of 125-1 to reach the superbowl, becoming the first team since the 1999 St. Louis Rams (150-1) to reach the Big Game after starting the season with such low odds.

The Rams ended up winning the superbowl that year against the Tennessee Titans, although the rest of the roster has not had the same luck.

The Atlanta Falcons started 2016 80-1, the San Diego Chargers started 75-1 in 1994, while the Carolina Panthers (2015 and 2013) and Atlanta (1998) started 60-1, losing all of them in the superbowl.

The exception was the 2001 New England Patriots, who won the superbowl to the Rams after starting the season 60-1.

The outlook got worse for Cincinnati following their Week 2 loss to the Chicago Bears, which caused their chances of winning the championship to plummet to 150-1, also their odds of winning the AFC North dropped from 60-1 to 75-1 with that defeat.

Eventually, the Bengals finished the season with a 10-7 record and became champions of their division to earn a ticket to the playoffs, where they beat the Las Vegas Raiders at home in the Wild Card Round and then took on the Titans in the Divisional Round to earn the right to play in the AFC Championship Game.

Cincinnati arrived at Arrowhead Stadium as underdogs, after bookmakers placed the chiefs at +7, plus the explosive start of Patrick Mahomes that gave a 21-3 lead to Kansas City in the second quarter caused sportsbooks like Caesars Sportsbook to give Bengals slim odds of winning at +1,200.

According to sportsbooks, this was the seventh-biggest upset in Conference Finals history behind Falcons over Minnesota Vikings (+11 in 1998), New England over Pittsburgh Steelers (+10 in 2001), San Diego over Pittsburgh (+9 in 1994), the Baltimore Ravens over New England (+8 in 2012) and the New York Giants over the 49ers (+8 in 1990).



Our expert’s analysis after Cincinnati beat Kansas City in a tight match to define the AFC champion.

On the other hand, chiefs (5-1) became the first preseason favorite not to make it to the superbowl since the 2015 Seattle Seahawks.

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