They are the last athletes who joined Exatlón All Star!

PHOTOS | They are the last athletes who joined Exatlón All Star!

A few days ago, many more athletes were added to the Exatlón All Star list. Who are they? We tell you the details in the gallery.

A few days ago many more athletes were added to the epic list of

Exathlon All Star

The most demanding version of reality so far, because will participate


and third places of past emissions
. Who are they? We tell you…

Until a few days ago, the names of many of the athletes who would be participating in Exathlon All Star, but the numbers did not give us, since there were several more to be confirmed. And the last days of the week some others from this fifth season have been added!

Although some of them are neither champions nor runners-up, they played a worthy role in exathlon and earned the love and respect of the public. And they will surely do an excellent job in the most epic season of Exathlon Mexico!

Ximena Duggan, who came in fourth place this fifth season; Nataly Gutierrezwho came in third place; Zudikey Rodriguez and Sol Cortes, athletes who were finalists… And David “The Beast” and Kokewho were also finalists in the men’s branch.

We tell you more details in the Photographs. Check out the full gallery.

Great premiere Exatlón All Star this Monday, January 31, 7:30 pm Azteca UNO.

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