The last sighs of Enrique Meza after the Aztecazo

As long as Mexico is measured to Costa Rica, as it will happen this afternoon, brings to mind that loss to the Ticos, in the so-called Aztecazo. Going back in time, life changed for the members of the National Team after that June 16, 2001 when that fall occurred.

The guillotine I was sharp to cut off the head of Enrique Meza and he and the players themselves knew that, which is why they tried to unite again during their visit to Honduras, where another defeat ended the Ojitos project, according remember Claudio Suarez, historic defense of the Tri.

The red lights came on, the historical 2-1 of Costa Rica in the Azteca and then fall 4 days later with Honduras 3-1 in San Pedro Sula caused the goodbye of Meza, who asked his leaders not to make bad history.

“It is not a matter of desire, that is always talked about. It is more about quality, work and moments. They thanked Professor Meza, he knew, spoke with us, with the leaders and that we were worried, I remember that told us: ‘let’s hope we don’t make bad history, that we are marked for life that we did not qualify for the World Cup’, and the truth, like it or not, yes it was going to remain for history, and we were nervous, with the pressure and that was when (Javier) Aguirre arrived”, recalled the former defender of that Tri, Claudio Suárez, in an interview for Mediotiempo.

The moment was very complicated, since the Tri fell with two rivals of those called “winnable”, and the worst, a duel before they could not beat Trinidad and Tobago, they were already 3 dates without victory in the Hexagonal heading to Korea and Japan 2022.

“It was in Honduras, there us jwe spread, we talked again and talked and talked, and the same, against Honduras we lose, no matter how hard we tried and that was when teacher Meza already knew that Javier Aguirre was coming. Many of us spoke, the selected ones said to support at all times, ‘whether they call you or not, don’t start with your statements, don’t start with this, all good’. was to unite”, confessed the Emperor.

The factors that led to the Aztecazo

for Suarez, the theme of the defeat with Costa Rica had several factors, as Meza relented in not calling to some elements like those of Blue Cross for playing the Copa Libertadores, which others players they were not in a good time and also of managers who saw those points in the stock market.

“The truth is that youwe raked an inertia of bad results, it was like a snowball that was growing and growing, we were not playing well, some players were not in a good moment. Professor Meza accepts it, that unfortunately directors, players, coaching staff, press, as is happening now, I thought it was easy to win, and that’s how we are, and I remember that the directors did not lend to the players, to some important because they were playing cup Liberators and Profe Meza gave in not to call them”, expressed Suárez.

Against Costa Rica we already had that pressure, they even wanted to dismiss Meza, I remember that he puts goal Abundis, we put on some t-shirts below supporting the prof Y we went to celebrate at the bank, but they tied us and an ugly game, they were very cautious and found the second goal”.

doubts began

Everything there was doubt and restlessness, even many players wondered why the moment and there were even doubts about Mexico’s attendance at Korea and Japan 2002.

Yes, suddenly that entered your head, are we that bad?, because we trained hard, we rested well, as I told you, many times it is a whole team, maybe 1 or 2 were fine and the others were not, that’s why there is talk of work that everyone has to be even, in mentality Y physically so that a team can it worksr”, declared the Emperor.

To the 11 days, now without Meza and with Javier Aguirre on the bench of the Tri, Mexico lifted the road and beat the United States 1-0 at the Azteca Y little by little he headed to the World Cup, where it arrived as the second best team in Concacaf.

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