Mexico vs Costa Rica: Hernán Medford and the 2001 Aztecazo goal

He still gets emotional when he talks about that goal that made Mexico tremble and filled with joy Costa Rica. The Ticos had never beaten El Tri in the Aztec stadium and that June 2001 They did it by scoring Hernan Medford, that this moment has him as one of his two best achievements As a player.

Retired from the 2003, what Medford did that afternoon June 16, 2001 at Aztec stadium It is cataloged as a national holiday and it comes more to mind when the Ticos get back on that field they will do it this Sunday at the qualifying round for Qatar 2022.

“It’s a nice feeling, because when you play with the favorite of the area, always beating him is a taste of happiness, what happened in those moments, a moment that we also did not believe, it was a reality that we had beaten Mexico, and see almost 80 thousand people, because in reality the stadium was not completely full due to the situation in Mexico, but it was It was a very beautiful moment”, he assured in an interview for Halftime.

“Too The one I did to Sweden counts a lot in (the World Cup of) Italy 90 At 22 years old, the truth is that I can say that those two goals are the most important I’ve ever made in my career. The most important for me and the history of Costa Rican soccer,” he shared.

Costa Rica got into Aztec, in the first time fell 1-0 with goal of Joseph Manuel Abundis, in the second part, Roland Fonseca He scored the 1-1 free kick at minute 72, Hernán saw that score from the bench since at 80 ‘he was sent to the field by the coach Alexandre Guimarães and six minutes later silenced the field of Mexico.

“As a professional it is one of the most remembered goals for me, and for the whole country, because taking away an undefeated Mexico of a lifetime the truth that it was not easy at all, “he added.

Curiously, the two most remembered goals of Medford were scored in very similar minutes. In the Italy World Cup 90 made it 2-1 against Sweden at 87′, and 2-1 against Mexico in that tie heading to Korea Japan 2002 reached 86′, after a ball released by the goalkeeper, Oswaldo Sanchez on a shot by Fonseca.

“The preparation was more mental, because conditions had the national team, we prepared ourselves very well mentallyIt was one of the very important things, a very united group, a good group and a group of players with great footballing ability, and the only thing we had to do was work on the mental part, believe it, and in the end it gave results”, he commented. .

The mental part was worked the entire tie and in the end it turned out, because it was the best tie that Costa Rica has had in history.

The reality of today sees it differently

The Ticos were the Concacaf first place in that Hexagonal with 23 points and only 1 defeat, today things for Medford they are very different.

“We are not playing well, the situation is more complicated, but there we hope to get something in Mexico, the tie has been one of the worst we’ve had in recent years, and because we haven’t seen good football from the national team”, he accepted.

What he did consider to be a advantage for your selection the one there is not a full Azteca Stadium, this by the decision of the FMF for the homophobic yelling that have cost the Tri economic and sports punishments.

“Yes, it is an advantage, because whatever it is when it is the fans there are almost player number 12, does not mean that Mexico depends on its fans to win, Mexico has a great team, but whatever it is has a little influence on what can be the emotional part of a team like Mexico, “he acknowledged.

Although to Mexico He doesn’t see him as brilliant on the pitch either, especially because of what the team from Tata Martino so far in the tie, where it has been far from what was shown in other editions.

“He’s not playing well at all, Mexico is always Mexico Y It is a selection that must be respected, is at home, he needs to play a good game because they beat Jamaica it cost them a lot, but Mexico was always the favorite“, advancement.

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