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After all the speculation surrounding his departure, this Saturday afternoon the tom brady official retirement of American football, who currently played as quarterback with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, belonging to the National Football League.

Throughout his career within the NFL What quarterback, Brady played for 22 seasons and managed to win a total of seven superbowl, in addition to other titles such as the three-time NFL Most Valuable Player award, two-time Offensive Player of the Year, and five-time MVP of the superbowl.

The foregoing has left the 44-year-old athlete a considerable fortune, which includes sponsorships, his own businesses and everything he has managed to accumulate in the 22 years he has been playing professional football.

After his retirement, the questions regarding the personal and professional life of the American player have begun, and one of them is ¿how much is your fortune?

How much is Tom Brady’s fortune?

depending on the page Celebrity Neth Worth, which houses estimates of the fortunes and financial activities of celebrities, Tom Brady accumulates a fortune of around 250 million dollars, earning $230 million in his first 20 years in the NFL, and over $150 million in brand sponsorships mainly sports twist, such as fans Y Under Armor.

What makes up Tom Brady’s fortune?

In addition to the income received from sponsorships and contracts with the Pats and the Buccaneers, the team where he finished his career, also has other incomes that include companies and businesses that he has forged over the years.

One of them is the company TB12, specializing in products and supplements to lead a healthier lifestyle, as well as sports and food guides.

He recently launched a clothing brand called Nordstrom, which has a total of 45 pieces divided into three basic styles: Live, that you can use in your day to day; Train, to go to the gym or go for a run merchandise consisting of clothing a casual meeting.

Other of his companies are immersed in the field of fashion, aviation and even cinema, such as:

  • wheels up, an aviation company.
  • Christopher Chloos, a brand of sunglasses.
  • 199 Productions, a company that creates audiovisual products focused on sports.

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