Hamilton was robbed of the title, don’t be afraid of the truth: Ogier

Although you already have little more than a month about what The Formula 1 season ended, the controversy is still on the table for the champion, since Sebastian Ogier, world Rally Champion, attacked ‘indirectly’ to Verstappen and the F1, then consider that ‘Hamilton was robbed of the title’. Toto Wolff said something similar.

Ogier knows that Lewis Hamilton had the controlled run and that it was a matter of time before he rose to his eighth title in Formula 1, but ‘safety car’ went on to ruin his lead, because after that he lost the first position.

Ogier attacks Formula 1 and defends Lewis Hamilton

In an interview with the program ‘Super Moscato Show’, the eighth world rally champion launched a strong comment about what Hamilton must feel, since losing is not bad for him, weight is when ‘it is stolen’. He knows that Lewis or Verstappen deserved the title, but because of the way everything turned out, he was not happy.

“Lewis was clearly dominating the race, I was leading when there was nothing left to finish. Y Unfortunately for him, a few laps from the finish line, he left the famous safety car. Hamilton or Verstappen would have been great champions, but the way it played out, It was a robbery and it is a difficult drink for Hamilton“, he commented.

Sebastian Ogier turned on even more the controversy saying that people should not be afraid to say that there was a ‘robbery’ with Lewis Hamilton, because they know that it is true, and in the same way launched a new dart for Verstappen.

Lewis finds himself in an ultra-competitive environment with the best team of the moment. It must have been very difficult for him to accept. He really felt like he was being robbed. And the truth is that they robbed him, let’s not be afraid to say it. Although I have a lot of respect for Verstappen, had a great season but last weekend…“, he sentenced.

Lewis Hamilton has stayed away from the cameras after he lost the Formula 1 title. It is said that could soon retire but at the moment there is nothing official.

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