Castellón version, 100% personalized aesthetic medicine

Work for people to get the best version of themselves it was the dream of Sarah and Alexiatwo young people from Castellón who, to achieve this, founded Ibiza Version in 2019, his own clinic of aesthetic medicine. After its success, they opted to expand the firm, this time on their land and with one more member, Martha, young man who shared his same illusion. Finding a place in the heart of Castelló such as the street in the middle It was the first step to verify that it was the beginning of a great project, and so, on January 1, 2022, Castellon version Opened its doors.

“We wanted to achieve welcoming facilities where patients felt confident in putting themselves in our hands,” they explain. Thus, they created a complete space capable of transmitting the attributes that define the clinic: naturalness, harmony and elegance.

The work of Sara and Alexia, graduates in Nursingtogether with Marta, graduated in Medicinefocuses on the total specialization around the aesthetic medicinea field in which they have a extensive experience and constant training. Although each one fulfills its own functions, they all work with the same objective, to grant the patient a fully customized solutionwhich is reinforced thanks to the experience and dedication of Silviareceptionist and first contact of the public with the clinic.

The clinic is designed to convey elegance and harmony. FRANK PALACE

In this way, they offer a wide variety of facials ranging from skin care with deep cleaning, to other much more advanced procedures such as application of peelings, performing microneedling, tensor threads, injection of vitamins, platelet-rich plasma, botulinum toxin or facial harmonization with hyaluronic acid filler and calcium hydroxyapatite.

In addition, they also specialize in different body treatmentslike the process of reduction of localized fat, lymphatic drainage and sclerosis of varicose veinsamong many others.

Quality above all

The complete catalog is always governed by the latest innovations in the sector, which manages to “guarantee quality aesthetic medicine, with the use of best products that are directly attached to the harmonic vision by us as professionals, who work to achieve the best results at a affordable and competitive price, turning aesthetic medicine into A luxury available to everyone», they point out.

The team works with the best products and the most innovative techniques. FRANK PALACE

His star treatment is, therefore, to make the patient feel at home from the first moment he visits his facilities Thanks to the closeness and friendly treatment that characterizes the Version team. “We do not forget our career path at Public Health System, so we do not deal with clients, but patients. We stand out for listening and understanding what is worrying them as well as for our vision of natural beauty, which always maintains the aesthetic base of each person and manages to provide that fresh air they come looking for», add the template.

Aware of their recent start, they aspire to gain a key niche in the sector, a crucial task for which they will not leave behind their essencewhich in addition to differentiating them from the competition, influences the consolidation of an audience that grows at the same rate as their followers on their Instagram, @clinicaversionplatform where they show all their works.

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