Why does Cristiano Ronaldo refuse to give his eldest son a cell phone?

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be the son of Cristiano Ronaldo At a time when children and adolescents grow hand in hand with technology It’s not something your son celebrates, Christian jr., who, no matter how much he has insisted that provide you with a mobile phone Still no positive response.

Fierce in his discipline, the Manchester United striker have the same demands towards their relatives, so seeing your children glued to a screen is not something that excites you, so he prefers to wait until he matures to give him his first cell phone.

“He spends all his time asking me if he can have a cell phone and I answer that there is still a while. It is true that this generation is one step ahead of ours and we have to know how to use new technologies, but we cannot be obsessive. We can use it, but not all the time“, he mentioned in a topic related to health at Expo Dubai.

There, he also highlighted the care of the body as a vital part to transcend, although he also emphasized that it is vital to feed the mind and be balanced.

He doesn’t like me to eat potatoes or Coca

The soccer star had previously shown his disgust at seeing his son eat junk food, although in that case he did not look as strict as this time with cell phones, since he saw it as something normal among children his age.

“We will see if my son becomes a great player, he is not yet. Sometimes drinks Fanta and Coke and eats chips, he knows I don’t like it. I tell him that after the tape he must rest in cold water and he doesn’t like it. It’s normal, he’s 10 years old,” he said in December 2020.

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