The FIFA Date and the negative balance that America has left due to injuries


The first game of this qualifying round has barely been played and the bad news reached the Nest.

America has had bad news on this FIFA Date.
© picture 7America has had bad news on this FIFA Date.

The FIFA date It has not even reached the halfway point and it has already left bad news in America. And it is that injuries have been the order of the day for the elements bluecreams, first with Peter Aquinas with Peru and later with Jorge Sanchez, who left five minutes into the duel of Mexico In Jamaica.

In total, the azulcremas contributed five players to Selections for this qualifying round; three for Mexico and two more for Conmebol, but with what happened, Peter Aquinas He has already broken ranks with the Inca team to return to the Mexican capital and begin his recovery with the Eagles in Coapa.

Meanwhile, Jorge Sánchez returned to our country with the rest of the Tricolor and this Friday he will undergo new medical tests to rule out any serious damage to the menisci or ligaments. From the outset, everything points to a distention that would keep him out of activity for three weeks.

At the moment, only William Ochoa, Henry Martin Y Richard Sanchez will remain active in the qualifiers heading to the Qatar World Cup 2022, while from the Nest They hope that there will be no other incident that could reduce their team prior to the resumption of the competition against Athletic Saint Louis next week in the Aztec stadium.

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