La Jornada – Legislators give legal support to the guild of aesthetic surgeons

Mexico City. Within the framework of the XXIV International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine, Aesthetic Surgery and Obesity, the most important and most influential in Aesthetic Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery in the country, deputies and senators gathered at the event to reiterate their support for doctors, who They want the Mexican state to grant them the specialty certifications.

In this sense, Senator José Narro Céspedes, vice president of the Board of Directors in the Senate of the Republic, assured that they will give certainty to the certification process so that it is the Government that grants the documents and not an individual.

“As legislators, our task is to give certainty and certainty to the studies that have been carried out and their certification as specialists, that is why we are proposing that this issue cease to be in the hands of a civil association such as the National Regulatory Committee of Councils of Medical Specialties (CONACEM), to prevent a repetition of what happened in the times of Felipe Calderón, where they did a private business, because those who are doctors and have a specialty sometimes seek fewer doctors, because they seek to have less competition”, detailed.

The morenista senator reiterated the interest of the President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in promoting the training of doctors so that the country has enough health specialists.

“Today our President of the Republic has given the battle so that the number of specialists who are trained doubles and that they really respond to the health and care needs of the population; That is why it is important, in this expansion, to have more doctors and specialists and that this area of ​​certification passes into the hands of the Mexican state,” he said.

For his part, deputy Juan Carlos Natale López, secretary of the Health Commission in the Chamber of Deputies, endorsed Senator Narro’s statement and reported that the Health Commission is promoting an initiative that will help regulate certifications through instances federals.

“Senator Narro has done a great job in the Senate of the Republic, we deeply agree that this issue must be regulated by the Government, by the State, by no one else, because the responsibility of issuing a card must be of the Ministry of Public Education and Government instances, not by an association, because they do their business, they have other criteria and other interests, and it is not a public interest that governs them.

I am promoting that this be approved in the Chamber of Deputies, that is why we reviewed it and we already discussed it in the Health Commission, and we returned it to the Senate to make a modification so that the document is perfectly clear. We are working so that all the deputies approve it and promote it because it is good and in the public interest, and it is a need that we all have. The more specialists we have, the more convenient it is for Mexico,” he concluded.

On the other hand, Senator José Narro said that they are also working on projects that seek to ensure that the infrastructure for aesthetic medicine specialties is not exclusive to private initiative.

“Mexico has been a country that has had many of the best specialists, however, we also seek to keep the structure of aesthetic medicine, because most of it is private hospitals, so we work so that there is a willingness to provide them to civil service, since there are many people who require this service for various medical reasons.

We need cosmetic surgery to be strengthened in public spaces, with the help of private spaces. Let us remember that in the Health Law it determines that for a certain number of patients treated in the private sector, it must provide free care to a patient”, he asserted.

The XXIV International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine, Aesthetic Surgery and Obesity, organized by the Institute of Higher Studies in Medicine SC, the Center for University Studies of the Count and by the College of Professionals with a Master’s Degree in Aesthetic Surgery, takes place from 28 to January 30, where more than a thousand medical specialists from various countries will meet.

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