‘Don’t whistle at us’; James Rodríguez explodes and faces fans after boos

The Qualifiers in Conmebol continue their march in this first FIFA date of 2022 Y Colombia, who came out as favorite against Peru, was seen wrapped in a big controversy, Well, they lost and today they are out of Qatar 2022; the fans threw everything at them and the one that lit up with them was James Rodriguez.

The colombian player, ex of Real Madrid and Everton, ‘faced’ the fans and them recriminated his lack of support, because although they lost to Peru, their pass to the World Cup is still feasible.

James Rodríguez went crazy after insults from fans

After the meeting between Colombia and Peru, corresponding to Day 15 in Conmebol, the hobby you recriminated his players performance, but it was not with ‘tender’ words, but They yelled at everything.

From abuse, until whistles and in a section of the stadium it was seen how They threw things at them so answered the Colombian fans after the defeat of their team, where they can’t understand ‘how they keep playing so badly’.

After this fact, James Rodriguez, who was one of the first to leave the field of play, I know angry with the fans and started to do gestures to shut up, Well, that was no way to treat them, it seems.

Stop whistling, don’t whistle, shut up, do you support your own, shut up, don’t whistle”, said James Rodríguez as he walked off the field.

After these actions, the Colombian was harshly criticized in social networks, because amateurs commented that neither he nor the rest of the players understand the love for the shirt and have rated their current performance as a failure.

Colombian fans applauded the Peruvians

In case they abuse Y whistles were not enough a sector of the Colombian fans said goodbye to applause to his rival Peru, as they recognized the effort given in the 90 minutes and their agonizing victory, as it came with a goal by Edison Flores in the 85th minute.

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