Are you a BBVA customer? Avoid being charged “membership”

Through the social networksthe clients themselves BBVA Mexico have disclosed that the credit institution has been applying them in their cards of debito the charge for “membership”whose existence they were unaware of and who until now had not seen this charge in their Account statementswith quotas that reach 50 pesos.

This has generated confusion and inconvenience among users, who, having understood that the bank provides them with a debit card or payroll account no charges for account management nor for keeping a Minimum balancein addition to allowing cash withdrawals without a card in the ATMs (ATM) or the practice box of the institution, also known to the public as Bancomer.

What the bank has responded to the posts on Twitter is that by using the bank plastic you can make 4 cash withdrawals at no cost, but it is from the fifth to the eighth that they will generate a fee of 25 pesos in the month, but if If more than 8 operations of this type are carried out, the commission that applies will be up to 50 pesos in the period.

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However, making withdrawals in the form of Cardless Withdrawals will not generate these charges on the client’s account, so the company advised its clients to make use of this function when withdrawing money from their account without commission for this membership.

How can I withdraw cash from my BBVA account without being charged for membership?

As it is rescued from what Bancomer has explained to social network users, to use the cash withdrawal service without additional charges, you can limit the number of withdrawals you make throughout the month to a maximum of four so that the commission is not generated, with the application of Digital Banking from BBVA With the Card-Free Withdrawal tool, to generate a code from your smartphone for the operation you need and that you simply have to enter at the ATM.

Finally, you can also enter the branch office banking so that from window You can make your withdrawal with the bank staff so that this charge that has taken many people by surprise is not charged to your debit or payroll account.

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In the answers that the bank gave to the users’ complaints, it also clarifies that the amounts of this membership will be subject to the number of withdrawals made during the month, using the debit card at the ATMs, explaining that from 0 to 4 dispositions the membership has no cost, but if between 5 and 8 movements are made it costs 30 pesos more VATwhich will rise to 55 pesos plus taxes if you exceed this number of operations.

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