With 17 out of 42 points, what chance does El Tri have of being in Qatar 2022?

The Mexican team beat the Jamaican National Team and got three valuable points in the search for a ticket to the Qatar World Cup 2022.

with this victory Mexico placed third in the Octagonal End with 17 points, above Panama (selection that still does not play); The United States is second with 18 and Canada first with 19.

In the Concacaf adding more than 20 units allowed to stay as leader of the table and therefore win a ticket to the world, which meant 71 percent of the total points that were disputed. To be second it was enough to have between 16 and 19 units (62 percent) and to be in third place with 13 points was more than enough (50 percent).

Players of the Mexican National Team prior to the game against Jamaica

Of course, all this only applies to the previous World Cup processes, since before hexagonal games were played (10 games), which means that they competed for a total of 30 points, but for the Qatar World Cup 2022 this changed because an Octagonal is played. This means that there are a total of 42 points in dispute, which will eventually increase the points needed to go to the World Cup naturally.

Doing this retrospective, Mexico At the moment he has 17 points, so he has lost ten points in two draws and two losses; this means that the Mexican team He can still add a maximum of 32 points and would most likely secure a place in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Saved and HH in loss vs. Canada

If we focus on the hexagonal and Mexico You will need 71 percent of the points to be first in the Octagonal, El Tri must add a total of 27 units, this means that he is obliged to win at least four more games and afford to lose one, the bad news is that there are only five games left, so he must have an effectiveness of 80 percent.

The good news is that in the Concacaf you can get to world as second or third place. To be in second place, Mexico would have to add 26 total points (9 points in the five remaining games), and to be third it would have to obtain approximately 23 (6 points in the five remaining games).


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