Propheco warns about failures in 3 thousand Nissan, Volkswagen and Audi cars; urges to take them to review

Given the possible existence of flaws in the software of the Infiniti QX60 from model 2015 to 2021, the Federal Consumer Protection Office (prophet) in coordination with Mexican Nissan They launched an alert for the owners of those cars to take them for review.

The call is for the owners of 999 vehicles of said makes and models to take them to free review so that the control module is reprogrammed with the updated software since with the current one the engine can be turned off.

“The identified condition refers to the engine control module power train hybrid in certain vehicles may contain software that can cause the engine to stall under certain conditions.

“In case of damage to the bearings, that control module detects the condition of overheating and initiates the failsafe mode that cuts power transmission to both the combustion engine and the electric motor,” they explained. Prophet and Nissan.

This alert began on January 14, the date on which the new software that will be put on the cars was made available and will be in force until the adjustment is made to 100% of the units involved.

Nissan said it “doesn’t count any incident report in our country related to the possible defect” that affects the models from 2015 to 2021.

The prophet made available the Consumer Telephone 55 5568 8722 and the number 800 468 8722, for complaints and advice.

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About 2 thousand VW, Saveiro, Crafter, Passat and Audi Q3 units report failures

volkswagen, Audi and the Federal Consumer Protection Office (prophet) warned about failures in various vehicle models which should be reviewed.

A total of 1,912 cars of the models Saveiro 2022, crafter 2007 and 2008, Passat 2007 and Audi Q3 model year 2021 presented faults.

In Saveiro vehicles “there is the possibility that fixing screws of the motor pulley do not have the correct tightening torque, so they could become loose or loose, causing noise and stoppage of the motor. air conditioning, the alternator and the power steering”, which will involve losing control and causing an accident.

The cars crafter 2007 and 2008 model years and Passat 2007 model year must be serviced to have the airbags checked.

This is because the manufacturer of Air Bags (airbags) Takata detected the possibility that the bags on the driver’s and/or passenger’s side, “in the event of an accident with their activation, the gas generator casing could burst and detach fragments, causing injury to the occupants.”

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To do this, the airbags must be checked and the gas generator or the driver’s and passenger’s airbag module replaced.

in units Audi Q3 2021 “It is possible that the system function of the seat belt, located on the passenger side, is diminished and does not adequately protect the occupant of the vehicle in the event of sudden braking. Due to the above, it is necessary to review it and, where appropriate, replace it.

Those interested should contact the authorized distributors by calling 800 SERVI VW (7378489) or by email [email protected] for free repair.

Audi customers can contact the phone number 800 849-2383 E-mail and/or email [email protected].

Profeco makes available the Consumer Telephone 55 5568 8722 and the number 800 468 8722, for complaints and advice.

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