Muma Fernández leaves Venados; accuses Chatón Enríquez of racism

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The Honduran reinforcement of deer fc on the MX Expansion League, Carlos “Muma” Fernández had to terminate his contract to protect “his tranquility and peace” after being a victim of Racist insults by his now ex-partner Jorge “Chaton” Enriquez.

Halftime was able to confirm that during last Tuesday’s game between the deer Y Tabasco Cougars, the Chaton lashed out at Muma and were it not for the intervention of their companions, they could even come to blows.

In addition to chaton, there was another who also verbally attacked the reinforcement who on Wednesday started a conversation with the Yucatecan board to express his desire to leave the club.

People close to the Honduran soccer player pointed out that muma made the decision “To have tranquility and peace. He did not want to go like this, but that is not negotiated ”, were the words that were mentioned to this portal.

Fled the gentleman’s agreement

The Honduran soccer player had left the Motagua of his country due to the lack of opportunities and the null option of signing with teams like Olympia or Royal Spain.

“It’s a sad situation because closes the doors to many players. The Gentlemen’s Pact is that if a club does not say that it no longer wants a player, the player cannot leave,” he told Mediotiempo.

Who is Carlos Fernandez?

Carlos Roberto Fernandez Martinez he is a 29-year-old Honduran attacker; signed in the Closure 2022 with deer and played three games, scoring one goal.


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