In a year, care for Covid-19 becomes more expensive 100 thousand pesos in private hospitals: insurers

In one year, the average costs for health care Covid-19 I know 108 thousand pesos became more expensive, in a context of high inflation that has impacted the price of medical supplies to treat the disease in hospitals private.

According to data from the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS), in January 2020 the average cost of the disease was 412 thousand pesos. Twelve months later, at the start of 2022, they already reach 520 thousand pesos.

Since the start of the pandemic, insurers They have warned that medical supplies to attend to cases of Covid-19 represent a strong impact on private medical care, in a context where medical inflation, according to various estimates, is above 17%, twice more than the index price overview.

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Thus, 73% of the cases exceed the average cost of 520,000 pesos in medical care, where a hospital admission reaches an average price of 598,000 pesos, an outpatient costs 29,600 pesos and, with greater severity, an intubation. it shoots up to 3.5 million pesos.

In the first update of Covid-19 infections among the insured populationAs of January 24, the AMIS reported 46 thousand 127 cases, with an impact for insurers of 24 thousand million pesos. According to the agency, the omicron variant has represented a smaller number of claims for insurers.

“Fortunately, a large part of the population has at least one dose of vaccination. That is making the disease not get complicated, both for medical expenses and for life. This has caused us to have fewer claims in both insurances”, said the general director of AMIS, Norma Alicia Rosas.

In the case of life insurance, the AMIS reported 140 thousand 330 deaths, with a total cost of 32 thousand 144 million pesos.

The Covid-19 pandemic remains the most expensive claim for insurers in Mexico, reaching a total of 2,743 million dollars in impact for the sector in 21 months.

Record cases of infection in children

Data from insurers operating in Mexico show a total of 492 cases in newborn minors up to 9 years of age and a total of 46 deaths, with which AMIS said that the coincidence of international organizations is that minors are vaccinated , also implies a public spending problem for the government.

“If they are not vaccinated, they continue to be a major source of spread of the virus. The worldwide coincidence is that they should be vaccinated. Part of the problem for the Mexican government is obviously the cost that this implies, regardless of the logistics for the application to children”, said the vice president of AMIS, Juan Patricio Riveroll.

Individual policy, right to insure unvaccinated

Given the restrictions that some insurers have applied to offer their coverage or limit protection for people who have not been vaccinated against Covid-19, AMIS said that each firm defines the terms of its product, with which customers must be vigilant. and review the terms of contracts.

“It is a position that we have only seen in one of the companies. Each one can establish the subscription criteria that it considers appropriate. We are not seeing that it is a generalized practice and it is a situation that people should see with the insurance company they choose”, commented the general director of AMIS.

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