Apple CEO harassed by a woman: he asked for 500 million

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Apple CEO Tim Cook was blackmailed by a woman.

The technology giant Apple requested the restraining order against a woman who allegedly blackmailed its CEO, Tim Cook, demanding the payment of 500 million dollars in exchange for not showing alleged material of a sexual nature that would involve Cook.

According to court documents, the woman showed up at Cook’s address twice. She showed him weapons and intimidating photos.

The Justice of Santa Clara, California, indicated that the harassment situation began between October and November 2020. The 45-year-old woman was identified by the name of Julia Lee Choi. Through a tweet, she assured that she was the wife of Tim Cook and that he was the father of her two twins.

The record indicates that Choi drove from McLean, Virginia, to Palo Alto, California, where Cook’s home is located. The visits were two and occurred on October 22, 2021.

That time, Choi came to the Apple CEO’s house and asked to speak with him. Her security didn’t let her pass. Not satisfied, the woman returned hours later to accomplish her task. She wasn’t lucky either. She was driving a Porsche Macan with an expired license. She was arrested by the police and was released after a few hours.

The harassing emails towards Cook

Although the court file was not released in the media, it is presumed that Julia Lee Choi sent at least 200 emails to the CEO of Apple. In those messages he accused him of having abused her.

“Because of you I have to take medicine to relax my mind,” he claims in an email dated November 2, 2020. On November 3, a day later, he would have sent another email attaching a photo of a weapon. “My new weapon,” he threatened at the time. Cook also received a photo of a box of bullets.

Days later, the Apple CEO would receive another image of the loaded gun accompanied by the following message: “I warned you and told you to stop trying to kill me. You made me buy this instead of going for a Christmas tree. I will NEVER forget to forgive you.”

In the emails, the woman refers to the Apple CEO as her “husband.” Cook denies the link. She even asked him for 500 million dollars “to forget all the suffering caused”.

Apple’s request

The California Justice issued a restraining order to protect not only the CEO of Apple but his closest collaborators.

“Given the erratic, threatening and strange behavior [de Choi]including their direct contact with Apple’s executive team, Apple’s CEO, and Apple’s corporate and security teams, all Apple employees must be protected by this restraining order.” company.

The words of José Berrera, Apple’s global security specialist, also came out: “I am very concerned that my physical safety, along with the safety of the Apple CEO, the other members of the Apple security team and Apple employees in general, are in danger from Choi.”

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