The Matrix Resurrections – Lexi’s actress, Eréndira Ibarra: “When the casting call came, I cried for an hour and a half”

The Matrix Resurrections comes to HBO Max, Warner Home and Blu-ray. In this context, we speak with Eréndira Ibarra, who brings Lexi to life in the latest installment of the franchise. Find out what he said about his experience with Wachowski and Keanu Reeves in this note!

Erendira Ibarra Interview Matrix Resurrections

The Matrix Resurrections, the latest film in the renowned franchise (at least so far?), opened in theaters just over a month ago. It was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated deliveries in 2021 and surprised many, both for better and for worse.

Directed by lana wachowski, this sequel brings back the iconic Neo (Keanu Reeves) and Trinity (Carrie-Anne Moss) and introduces a new team: bugs, as the captain of the ship, and her crew made up of Sequoia, Berg and Lexy. The latter is played by the Mexican actress Erendira Ibarra, who told us what it was like to participate in Matrix and get back to work with wachowski, after giving life to Daniela Velazquez in the series sense8.

One month after its premiere, The Matrix Resurrections is close to grossing $150 million worldwide. This number that is not good news for Warner Bros since they spent 190 million to make the film. For now, what to wait to see if they manage to recover the lost money and if their next premiere in hbo max Helps get the numbers up.

For those who haven’t seen it yet The Matrix Resurrections We leave you the synopsis here: “In a world of two realities, everyday life and what lies behind it, thomas anderson will have to choose whether to follow the white rabbit once more. The choice, although an illusion, remains the only way out or into the Matrix, which is stronger, safer and more dangerous than ever”. If you like the story of Neo, keep in mind that this Friday the 28th, this film will be available on the platform streaming from hbo max, and thus complete the entire franchise.

As we said at the beginning, Erendira Ibarra already have experience with the direction of lana wachowski, but it is not the only one. Part of the team sense8 also participated in The Matrix Resurrections, some in costumes, others in photography and a couple more in the cast, like Toby Onwumere (Sequoia), Brian J. Smith (Berg) and Max Riemelt (Sheperd). Having shared screen with Ibarra years before, the idea of ​​re-forming a team was nothing new.

Matrix Resurrections Lexy and Berg

Back to work with Lana Wachowski

It was like coming home. The truth is that I Wool I always tell her as a very loving mom and to have the opportunity to return to her hands, to her magical world, especially this one in particular (referring to Matrix). If she had talked to me about anything, I would do it, but when she tells you Matrix… words do not fit”, expressed the actress. Then he added: “It was one of the best experiences. Arrive on set and meet Lindsay Pugh costume, with John Toll, the photographer, with Daniele Massacesi (both cinematographers). All the extraordinary team with whom we had the opportunity to create this family in sense8Well, yes, it was going back home with my family to play in a project that also defined all of us who were standing there”.

Beside Ibarra, Onwumere, Smith, Riemelt, Keanu Reeves Y Carrie-Anne Moss, The Matrix Resurrections It also features renowned actors. we found Jada Pinkett Smith, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Jessica Henwick, Jonathan Groff, Neil Patrick Harris, and Priyanka Chopra, who bring both new and old characters to life.

The Matrix Resurrections synopsis

Because of the trust between wachowski and Ibarra, the actress told us that when the director informed her and the other actors of sense8 that I had written some characters for them, IbarraLaughing, he replied: “ok, what father, what are we going to do now, mom?”. Without expecting that the answer would be nothing more or nothing less than Matrix.

-How did you find out that you were going to be part of Matrix Resurrections?

“We were in New York for a friend’s wedding, which came out right on Sense8 (Marc Jacobs) and invited us all. Their parents had just passed away. Wool and told us that he had returned to writing to heal his heart and that, curiously, he had returned to those characters that were so important to his father and mother, who were Neo and Trinity, and that he had made us some little characters to see what they seemed to us ”.

“And the truth is that we left very much with the idea of ​​’I’m going to be tree 2, and I’m going to be the coolest tree 2 you’ve ever seen.’ And when the call came – many months later, I had almost forgotten – that there was a significant role in the new movie, I cried for about an hour and a half. I was screaming, I called my mom and my dad, like Wool I never would have told in New York. I couldn’t believe it, really. And I continue like this, deeply grateful to Wool for seeing in me the ability to load a character like lexy and being in a movie like Matrix”.

The creation of the character

lexy, the character of Erendira Ibarra, although he does not appear as much in the film, makes it very clear that he is not on the ship of bugs why follow Neo, but because of the admiration he has for Trinity. The 36-year-old actress had commented that the character of Carrie-Anne Moss It influenced her since she was a girl and apparently that feeling was transported to the screen.

When asked about what it was like to become Lexy, Ibarra answered: “It was quite a super delicious metamorphosis”. Although the actress said that in general she really enjoys the creative process of creating the character, since she is usually quite involved, with lana wachowski it wasn’t quite like that. “Wool He is very clear about his ideas and how he wants it. So I felt like a piece of plasticine and every time I went to the set and they put tattoos on me and they saw these yes, these no, or the hair we tried in a way and it was like that no. I just kept quiet and said ‘thank you, thank you, thank you, whatever you want, whatever you want’”, he explained.

The hair was a bit of a conflict for me because that hairstyle is difficult and obviously it can be controversial, but the idea of ​​metal armor in the hair, like a helmet to go to war, was also amazing. It took six hours on the hair, three hours on the makeup, but every time I got into character I felt like the warrior that she is. lexy and that excited me a lot”.

What it’s like to film with Lana Wachowski

When talking about the working method of Lana Wachowski, Erendira Ibarra She explained to us that she felt like a translator of the director’s new way of filming. Although the family of Matrix 1, 2 and 3 had already worked with wachowski, the last time they shared set It was nine years ago and they were used to me filming “in a more traditional way”.

However, Ibarra and those who come from sense8 they were already clearwhat is the way of dancing with the camera you have Wool”. The actress added: “it is very interactive, very different. Suddenly he pulls you by the knee to get closer to the camera, you never know what lens he has because all the time he has these super zooms, all the time he is changing and playing with blink, we go wide, then we go closed, then let’s go here or am I using such a lens”.

lana wachowski

With Wool it’s dancing around you and, like in theater, you just have to be 200% present and aware of the camera as well. So we were the translation band for this new way of filming Wool and it was really fun to see how the others reacted differently or were like, ‘Is this going to work out? How is this going to turn out? I’ve only seen one clapperboard all the time’ and it was like: ‘well yeah, there’s no clapperboard’. Joseph Jett Sally, the publisher, who is the publisher of sense8 also, he is a great editor and knows how to understand the dailys of Wool”.

A phrase that sums up the actress’s work experience with lana wachowski is: “Very beautiful, very interactive, it is very inspiring to be on a set with her, really”.

Matrix 5

And Keanu Reeves?

Finally, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to learn a little more about the film’s protagonist: Neo and the actor who plays him, Keanu Reeves.

-How was sharing set with Keanu Reeves? Is it true what they say about him being super generous and cool?

“Is the most. I think all the media are right even if he says otherwise. Suddenly she’s like a very private person, but very generous. TO Wool she doesn’t like us to wait in the campers, we’re always sitting on the set around her, and a lot of the new band said ‘oh no, but we have to go to the camper, I want to go rest’, and you saw Keanu sitting there with his best attitude and his hat, ready to go on set, and if he doesn’t complain, who is the one who got the most madrizas of all, how are you going to complain? It was a love. All the fights, all the scenes, he would turn around and say ‘great, so what if you do this?’ He gave you tips and supported you. He is a great person and I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with him.

Matrix Resurrections

quite an experience

Yes OK The Matrix Resurrections it was released more than a month ago, Erendira Ibarra You still can’t believe you’re part of this groundbreaking franchise: “I already went to see her three times. I’m crazy about having her at home and starting to see her over and over again, stopping her and saying, is it me? If I go out?”.

Fortunately, the fourth film of Matrix premieres this Friday, January 28 at HBOMax. So it’s a good opportunity not only for those who haven’t seen it yet, but also for those who want to see it again.

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