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This Friday, the most important and influential congress on Aesthetic Medicine and Aesthetic Surgery in the country opens in Mexico City.

On January 28, 29 and 30, more than a thousand doctors from various countries will meet to share knowledge about these areas of Medicine, which is possible thanks to the joint effort of the Association of Professionals with a Master’s Degree in Aesthetic Surgery, the Mexican Council of Aesthetic Surgery and the Mexican Council of Aesthetic Medicine. This great event recognized in various parts of the world is sponsored by the University of the Count and the Institute of Higher Studies in Medicine.

It is essential that health professionals keep up to date in their profession and a basic part of this process are the International Congresses, where the exchange of knowledge takes place directly.

Thus, after two years of forced absence, this traditional Congress, like many others, is once again face-to-face, largely thanks to the titanic effort of the authorities at the three levels of government and the characteristics of the traffic light epidemiological that

They allow it, so this scientific and updating meeting finally takes place, which will undoubtedly be very useful for the attendees, who through the multiple presentations, workshops and other activities, will obtain first-rate knowledge in relation to Medicine and Surgery. esthetic.

One of the characteristics that this International Congress has always had is the quality of its speakers, who

They come from the United States and 15 other countries. During this XXIV edition they will be sharing their knowledge with the attendees, international speakers such as the famous Dr. Daniel Alam, doctor responsible for the first facial transplant in America; Dr. Robert Ray, a doctor who rose to fame in the United States for the reality show “Dr. Hollywood”, also known as “Dr. 90210”, a series that has traveled around the world, as well as many other national and foreign top-level doctors in their areas of expertise.

A server will have the honor and responsibility of being the President of the congress, as well as coordinating all the actions that began with the planning of this great event, for several months, so that all doctors who want to be updated and stay up to date the avant-garde that only grants excellence in its professional practice, could access an event of this nature.

For several days we have had a “Sold Out” and we are awaiting the authorities who will honor us with their presence at the opening ceremony of this magnificent event, where, if that were not enough, the best laboratories and commercial houses in the Area will meet. of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, in an exhibition that will show the latest in medical equipment that provides the technological advances that doctors need.

During the three days of the event, the best laboratory brands such as Botulinum Toxin and Hialuronic Acid will be present, as well as the launch of three new world-leading teams, which today arrive in Mexico to make their presentation to one of the most influential medical communities in the country, with the aim of equipping them with the technological advances that their patients need.

Today Mexico takes a step forward allowing congresses that, like ours, had to be canceled due to the pandemic and it is also a great opportunity for us doctors to update and surely the most benefited will be the patients who will enjoy these new techniques and technological advances.

Last but not least, I would like to thank the President of Mexico, Lic. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, for the possibility of making this event a reality, since in other countries they have had to be cancelled. Honor to whom honor is due.

If you, kind reader, are interested in learning more about the activities that will be taking place during these three days, as well as everything related to the different technological advances that I have just commented on above, I invite you to follow my networks social, where we will be publishing in detail everything that happens in this XXIV International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine, Aesthetic Surgery and Obesity.

Remember that your doctor must be trained and supported by your professional license, but also certified and updated. This is an effort that every doctor must make to live up to the demands of their patients.

I send you a hug and I will be commenting in this column on the technological advances and advances in the area of ​​medicine and aesthetic surgery that are addressed during this congress.

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